6 Amazing Wedding Cake Designs and Ideas: Trends for 2016-17

Chef Neha Lakhani  |  Updated: December 29, 2016 12:15 IST

6 Amazing Wedding Cake Designs and Ideas: Trends for 2016-17
  • Your wedding cake can ruly make D-day an affair to remember
  • There are more than 600 million images of wedding cakes on Instagram
  • The one basic rule for cake designs of 2017 is intricacy
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It is not just your outfit or make up or jewellery that can stun guests at your wedding, but even your wedding cake can elicit significant oohs and aaahs and truly make D-day an affair to remember. Apparently, there are more than 600 million images of wedding cakes on Instagram alone. But you don't have to painstakingly go through them all - just bear in mind a few trends that will rule what kind of wedding cakes will be adding that sweet touch to your nuptials.

The one basic rule for cake designs of 2017 is that they are far more intricate that they have ever been. From story-cakes (that tell the story of your love) to cakes matched with your wedding outfit or general theme, personalisation is also ruling the roost when it comes to cake couture. Broadly, there are a few trends to bear in mind what kind of cake you and your guests could be digging into this year. Take your pick.

1. Metallic Cakes

Metallics are big in makeup, clothing and even for wedding cakes. Now you needn't go all gold and silver, but even if you do, it is going to make a statement. The key, however, is a more stylized, vintage glam and art deco feel. The good thing about metallic cakes is that they can adapt to any theme or mood you may have in mind. If an entire cake is too much bling for you, consider adding touches of sparkle, or even foil in places. Edible glitter can add a festive and celebratory sheen to your cake without overpowering it. A lustre stencil, a dash of shimmer or the silver or gold varq (foil) makes the cake look elegant.

2. White On White


A white wedding cake is like a red lipstick - always classy and never out of style. But the new interest added to a white cake is all-white decorations - whether it is edible lace, beads or piped embroidery and even 3-D sugar or marzipan flowers. Shaping the tiers into geometric shapes like hexagons and ovals, make the cake that much more extraordinary.

3. Painted Cakes

Marbelized cakes, stained-glass painted cakes and even Monet-inspired wedding cake designs are oh-so visually stunning. The tip to keep in mind would be to stick to traditional square or round shapes for all tiers and not opt for painted cakes in really hot weather (for obvious reasons). Marble effects are the easiest to achieve - all you need to do is 'marbelize' the good old plain white fondant with edible icing colours!


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4. Lace Inspired Cakes

Another classic that is returning with a bang this year is lace-inspired designs on cakes. Think romance, delicate French lace and everything that is fairytale. The lace on the cake could match with your wedding or reception gown. These type of cakes look best when the colours are soft pastels with just a hint of contrast.


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5. Florals

While flowers - both fresh and sugared - are always spot on when it comes to wedding cakes, this year's trends are interpreting them as bouquets. A bunch of sugar-made flowers in a delicate mini-bouquet - that has a balance of size, shape and colour - looks gorgeous. For maximum visual impact, keep the base in a muted colour - such as peach or white or even pistachio green. Piped rosettes all over the cake also add dimension with elegance.

6. Ombre

Having your cake colors take on an ombre effect is an artful cake design idea. It can be as whimsical or glamorous as you like. Blend yellow to orange sugar hearts for a graphic, modern style; or go red to pink to light pink with cascading sugar-made flower petals. "Whether you're drawn to a rich saturated hue that transitions to a mid-tone or a barely there tint that fades to white, the possibilities are endless," says Maggie Austin of Maggie Austin Cake in Alexandria, Virginia. On the fence about the trend? "Consider an ivory ombré for a classic look that's both subtle and stunning," Austin suggests.

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