Blueberry Cheesecake: A Creamy And Delicious Recipe For The Pro-Baker In You (Video Inside)

Blueberry cheesecake is one of the simplest, yet most-loved flavours there can be. Try this wonderful recipe and make it yourself from scratch.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: January 09, 2021 18:16 IST

  • Blueberry cheesecake is a recipe admired by all
  • The cake can actually be made at home from scratch
  • Take a look at our recipe video and try it yourself

Cheesecake is an out-of-the world cake recipe which nobody can resist. A crumbly layer of biscuit topped with fluffy, creamy cheese is something which melts in the mouth every single time. There are no-bake cheesecakes and baked ones, with a variety of unique flavours to offer. Blueberry cheesecake is one of the simplest, classiest cheesecake recipes which is an all-time favourite. While the recipe is indulgent and amazing, it is also a slightly challenging recipe which you must try at home. In this recipe video, we show you how to make a blueberry cheesecake recipe from scratch to channel the pro-baker within you.

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Blueberry cheesecake: There are few things as delicious as blueberry cheesecake. Photo: NDTV Food

Cheesecake is believed to have originated from ancient Greece, wherein it was offered to the gods at their temples. No wonder it is such a 'divine' (read: delicious) creation, right? Apparently, it was even served to the athletes participating in the Olympic Games in 776 B.C. The recipe took off from there and it is now a must-have item in bakeries, who are innovating and adding their own unique flavour to it.


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How To Make Blueberry Cheesecake | Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe Video

The Blueberry cheesecake recipe involves three parts - first, the crumbly biscuit base; second, the cheesy layer of cream cheese; and third, the blueberry compote. There are quite a few ingredients required for this recipe, so make sure you keep it all ready before you get cooking. An important tip is to ensure there are no gaps between the layers so that the cheesecake stays firm and in shape. This cheesecake recipe involves one step of baking, after which you simply need to refrigerate the cake for six hours or overnight.

Head to the top of the article to watch the full recipe video, or else click here. You can find the full step-by-step recipe text at this link. 


Bon Appetit!

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