Summer Mango Drinks: 5 Mango Mocktail Recipes You Can Try this Summer

Adya Rai  |  Updated: May 27, 2019 16:43 IST

Summer Mango Drinks: 5 Mango Mocktail Recipes You Can Try this Summer

Delicious mango mocktails that you can try this summer

  • Mango is often called the 'King of Fruits'
  • There are a myriad of mango drinks that one can choose from
  • Try these 'yummy-licious mango mocktails' this summer

Can you imagine your summers without mangoes? It is difficult to forget about this fruit during the summer season. One heads out of their house to buy fruits and vegetables but ends up also buying an enormous amount of mangoes. Simply put, mangoes are hard to resist. For people, mangoes are not just a luxury that they can access through money but it is an experience in itself. Everyone talks about mangoes with passion equivalent to that of a musician talking about his instrument. There are a myriad of mangoes that one can choose from. Mango is often called the 'King of Fruits'. It is not loaded with too many calories and is a great source of vitamin A, beta carotene and potassium. It is a seasonal fruit but people can never get enough of it. We've seen a lot of mango drinks being developed over the years by several companies. But, here are 5 recipes which guide you on how to use mangoes to make your own mango mocktail at home.

Mango Mocktail Recipes 

(Inputs as provided by Chef Ishijyot Surri, executive chef, Copper Parrot - Asian Bistro & Bar)

1. Mango Delight

Ingredients -

  • Mango juice - 180ml
  • Mint - 5-10 leaves
  • Coconut syrup - 15ml
  • fresh cream - 20ml

Preparation -
1) Blend together the mango juice, coconut syrup & mint leaves.
2) Blend the fresh cream in the above mentioned mixture along with ice cubes.
3) Garnish it with mint sprig


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Summer is the best time to enjoy delicious mango delight.

2. Mango Cilantro Shot

Ingredients -

  • Mango juice - 60ml
  • Coriander- 5 sprigs
  • Rock salt - as per taste
  • Tabasco - 4 drops

Preparation -
1) Blend the cilantro leaves with mango Juice and ice cubes.
2) Add the rock salt & tabasco to taste.
3) Rim the shot glasses with finely chopped cilantro and pour in the above-mentioned drink.  

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Bored of regular mango shake? Try Mango cilantro shot to tantalise your taste buds.

3. Mango Mirchi

Ingredients -

  • Mango pulp - 20ml
  • Mango juice - 100ml
  • Chill flakes as per taste
  • Sweet & sour syrup - 15ml
  • Tabasco sauce - 4 drops

Preparation -
1) Mix the mango pulp, juice along with ice cubes with sweet & sour syrup in the shaker.
2) Shake the ingredients together.
3) Rim the glass with salt & chilli flakes and pour in the shaken drink.


Mango mirchi is perfect for those with bold flavours.

4. Mango Dayspring

Ingredients -

  • Mango juice - 60ml
  • Mango pulp 20 ml
  • Grenadine syrup - 10ml
  • Lime juice - 10ml
  • Soda for top up

Preparation -

1) Mix well together the mango Juice, mango pulp, and lime juice.
2) In a glass put ice cubes and nd put in the grenadine syrup.
3) Pour over the mango juice and pulp mixture in to glass with ice cubes.
4) Top it up with soda or sparkling water.


Mango dayspring is an excellent summer cooler.

5. Pink & Yellow

Ingredients -

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  • Mango juice - 60ml
  • Chaat masala - as per taste
  • Rock salt - As per taste.
  • Strawberry crush - 10ml
  • Lime juice - 20ml

Preparation -
1) Pour the Strawberry crush into the glass with ice cubes.
2) Add the salt, chaat masala and lime juice to mango juice.
3) Now pour over the mixed mango juice (as above) to the glass with strawberry crush.
4) Garnish it by sprinkling chaat masala over it.

Go ahead and give these simple mango mocktails a try. This will not just help you beat the summer heat but also provide ample pleasure to your taste buds.


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