Cooking With Olive Oil: 4 Of The Best Olive Oil Options For You

You will find different types of olive oil in the market that might often leave you confused with making the right choice for your kitchen. Fret not, we are here to help you out!

Somdatta Saha  |  Updated: September 03, 2020 18:34 IST

Cooking With Olive Oil: 4 Of The Best Olive Oil Options For You

The popularity of olive oil needs no introduction! With more and more people getting health conscious, olive oil, over the years, is becoming a favourite cooking oil option among all. It is rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acid and several essential nutrients that lead to an overall well-being. Besides being a healthy food option, olive oil is known to add charm to various boring dishes, with its distinct pungent flavour. From drizzling it on your salads, to using it in marinades- olive oil has multiple usages while cooking. You can even use it as a dip to enjoy different types of breads.

Keeping its versatility in mind, we went through myriads of olive oil options and picked a few that can be a good addition to your stash of cooking oils. Read on.

Here're 4 Cooking Oil Options For You

FIGARO Pure Olive Oil

This tin of olive oil by Figaro is loaded with the goodness of pure olives. Known to be a great option of all-purpose oil, it is used for sautéing, frying, garnishing and several other cooking purposes.

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DiSano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DiSano's extra virgin olive oil is obtained by first cold pressing of olives, which helps retain the true flavour of the fruit. It is unrefined and is ideal for dressing and flavouring salads and dips.

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Nature Crest Premium Extracts Pomace Olive Oil

Another example of all-purpose olive oil, this product by Nature Crest is a fine blend of olive pomace oil and extra virgin olive oil. It is light, flavourful and can help churning out several traditional dishes that involves deep frying and roasting. 

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Oleev Olive Pomace Oil

We also found this olive pomace oil option for you that has a neutral flavour and is ideal for cooking on high smoking point. It is also loaded with healthy fats and vitamins.

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