Diabetes Diet: This Oats Dosa Recipe Is Diabetic-Friendly And Extremely Delicious! (Watch Video)

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: May 08, 2019 09:43 IST

Diabetes Diet: This Oats Dosa Recipe Is Diabetic-Friendly And Extremely Delicious! (Watch Video)

Oats dosa recipe is a easy, quick and delicious diabetic-friendly recipe

  • Oats are considered extremely nutritious for diabetics
  • Oats are low in calories and cholesterol and high in fibre
  • This oats dosa recipe is quick, easy-to-make and delicious

Diabetes, or high blood sugar, is a condition that affects millions of Indians every year. The condition may either result from inability of the pancreas to release insulin or the body becoming resistant to the functions of insulin. The primary hormone that is responsible for regulating levels of blood sugar in the body by making sure it is processed properly is insulin. Diabetics are advised to eliminate processed carbohydrates from their diets and include more whole grains and complex carbs in their meals instead. Oats is one such whole grain that is considered beneficial for regulating blood sugar in diabetes patients. Oats is a great addition to diabetes diet as it ensures slow release of sugar or glucose in the blood, preventing any sudden spikes in levels.

Oats can be consumed in the form of oatmeal for breakfast, or can be added to a number of dishes, both sweet and savoury, to make them diabetic-friendly. Oats dosa is one such dish that diabetics may add to their diet. It's easy-to-cook, filling and delicious. It can be savoured with sambhar and coconut chutney, just like regular dosa. But before we learn how to cook oats dosa, let's look at how and why oats are good for.

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Oats For Diabetes

Oats are good for diabetics for the following reasons:

1. They are rich in fibre and low in calories. A 100 gm serving of oats contains just 68 calories and 21 gm of fibre (as per the USDA data).

2. Oats have no cholesterol and may help lower bad cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels are a risk factor for diabetes.

3. The high-fibre content of oats makes them filling, keeping hunger pangs at bay. This, in turn, helps in weight management, which also helps in managing diabetes easier.

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4. Oats are incredibly easy to cook with. They are very versatile and can be easily turned into diabetic-friendly snacks and even full-fledged meals, including lunch and dinner dishes.

5. One of the common symptoms of diabetes is frequent fatigue and oats help relieve this symptom by supplying the body with adequate energy.

So, now that you know why oats are a superfood for diabetes patients, it's time to learn how you can turn them into the popular South Indian favourite - dosa. YouTuber and home chef Manjula Jain teaches us how to make delicious spiced oats dosa, prepared with a nutritious oats and curd batter spiced with common Indian spices like asafoetida, cumin, ginger and green chillies. The batter is also enriched with cabbage and carrots, making it more filling.

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Here's the full oat dosa recipe from the YouTube channel Manjula's Kitchen:

Happy Cooking!


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