'Ghar ka Khana' on Wheels for the Needy. What's Your Excuse?

Sarika Rana  |  Updated: June 08, 2017 19:37 IST

'Ghar ka Khana' on Wheels for the Needy. What's Your Excuse?
  • Delhi based Rasoi on Wheels is a company who feed the underprivileged
  • Rasoi on wheels is a mobile kitchen service
  • The nutritious food includes dal-chawal, kadhi-chawal and sabzi-roti

In today's time, where we are constantly dealing with the pressure to make our own lives better and happier, how many times do we ever think of doing something for our society? Delhi-based Rasoi on Wheels is one such initiative that gives us an opportunity to do so by indulging in good service. Started in January 2016, this catering company has been preparing fresh home food and supplying it all across Delhi-NCR to underprivileged people and those who cannot afford even one meal. Synonymous to their name, they operate out of a small van, distributing food to homeless kids, people living in slums, and various bastis where it is difficult to get something as basic as a single meal.

Rasoi on Wheels: An Inspiring Venture

Rasoi on Wheels is a mobile kitchen service providing healthy, nutritious and wholesome packed meals to the needy at vantage places including slums, hospitals and orphanages. The team organizes camps every day to provide logistical support for distribution drives at various locations. Rasoi on Wheels was founded by three members, Manika Badhwar, Atul Kapur and Ashim Badhwar. We spoke to one of the co-founders of the company, Manika Badhwar who shared with us how they came about the idea. "The idea was to do something different, create awareness and feed the underprivileged. We serve freshly made healthy and nutritious food and not leftovers. The nutritious food includes dal-chawal, kadhi-chawal and sabzi-roti and on different occasions we also serve chowmein, juices and ice cream to them."

rasoi on wheels team

Rasoi on Wheels team on food distributing spree. Photo Credit: Pallav Pandey

What is the process of distributing food like?


Manika tells us, "Our kitchen is in Nathupur in Gurugram and our co-partner kitchen QBA which is spearheaded by Atul kapur is located at Connaught Place. "The preparation and cooking start at about 3 am every morning and by 9 am, thousands of meal boxes leave our kitchen to be distributed at a particular spot. The food menu keeps changing every day. We plan the menu a day before, get the ingredients ready and start cooking early in the morning." When asked about how they manage the funds, she says, "Some part of the funding comes from noble donors. Corporate companies are also joining hands to help us with this cause. Say, if we are preparing 1000 meal boxes a day, at least 800 are sponsored by these donors."

How can we be a part of this initiative?

You can feed the needy by getting food delivered to them from Rasoi on Wheels. They have tied-up with a lot of NGOs, orphanages, schools for less privileged, construction sites, hospitals, blind schools, homes for differently-abled, old age homes and other institutions. According to Manika, a meal for 50 kids costs as less as 2000 rupees, which is just 35 rupees a box or 37 rupees a box including the cartage. Anybody who is willing to order the food can directly contact their team.

rasoi on wheel beneficiary

A kid with her meal box Photo Credit: Pallav Pandey

Expansion plans

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Manika shares, "We have plans to expand, but not as of now. Although we have covered most parts in Gurugram, we haven' been able to take over Delhi. Therefore, currently we are completely focusing on Delhi-NCR." We really appreciate the idea and the efforts that are being made to make this initiative a success. It definitely reinstates our faith in humanity.


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