Happy Birthday Mahesh Babu: What You Can Learn From The Superstar's Diet And Fitness Regime!

NDTV Food  |  Updated: August 09, 2018 12:50 IST

Happy Birthday Mahesh Babu: What You Can Learn From The Superstar's Diet And Fitness Regime!
  • Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu turns 42 tomorrow
  • Mahesh Babu is a fitness freak and never misses a workout
  • Mahesh Babu's diet involves a mix of carbs, proteins and fats

Telugu movie star Mahesh Babu is celebrating his 42nd birthday today and it's hard for us to believe this fact because the stunner doesn't look a day older than perhaps 30 years! Mahesh Babu has recently made headlines for the cutest first look of the emblem of his upcoming project SSMB25. The star made his two daughters, Sitara and Aadya, reveal the emblem on social media, and it had the effect that the superstar was probably aiming at. The film is reportedly based on Microsoft CEO Satya Narayana Nadella's life and Mahesh Babu will begin working on it from tomorrow. The team reportedly wanted Mahesh Babu to start on his auspicious birthdate and the movie will also reportedly star Pooja Hegde in a pivotal role. Mahesh Babu has nailed the art of wearing a cap with several feathers in it, with aplomb, but behind his drop-dead gorgeous looks and super fit physique is his strict adherence to a healthy diet and his intense fitness regimen.

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Despite releasing super hit films and running a successful production house, Mahesh Babu is known to never miss a workout or even a single meal in a day. The talented actor, who made his acting debut with Rajakumarrudu in 1999, wasn't always as fit and lean as he currently is. In fact, Mahesh Babu had revealed in one of his TV interviews that he used be quite a heavy kid. So, on the occasion of Mahesh Babu's birthday, let us look at what the good-looking star's diet and fitness routine looks like. More importantly, here's what you can learn from Mahesh Babu's routine. Here's a lowdown on his diet and fitness regimen:

Mahesh Babu's Fitness Routine

Mahesh Babu is known to be a fitness freak, as was also revealed by his Brahmotsavam co-star Kajal Aggarwal. Mahesh Babu's wife and former actress Namrata Shirodkar takes a personal interest in Mahesh Babu's diet, which is typically composed of healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats, all of which are essential for a healthy mind and a fit body. Mahesh Babu's trainer Kumar Mannava revealed in an interview with a prominent publication that the secret to the superstar's perpetual good looks and fit physique is his persistence. According to Kumar, Mahesh Babu takes care of his body 365 days in the year and never misses a workout.

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Mannava also said that he doesn't just focus on building six pack abs for the actor, but his workout routine rather focuses on an all-round fitness. He also said that stretching is a very important part of Mahesh Babu's workout routine and that is because the actor has to do a number stunts for his movies. He added by saying that the actor focuses on his strength and flexibility during his workouts, which are generally as frequent as five times a week.

Mahesh Babu's Diet

Mahesh Babu starts his day with a breakfast that has a good mix of all the important macronutrients required by the body. His breakfast is made from oats (carbohydrates), eggs (protein) and nuts (fats). Mahesh Babu also makes sure he includes some fruits for breakfast to provide his body with micronutrients and fibre. Mannava had revealed that Mahesh Babu eats five to six meals a day. Eating more often has lately been popularised as a healthy practice for fat loss and muscle gain, as it keeps your metabolism up. Mannava had also revealed that Mahesh Babu never follows any fad diets.

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So, if you're someone looking to bulk your muscles up and lose excess fat from your body, here's what you can learn from Mahesh Babu - be persistent, never miss a workout or a meal and focus on getting in enough macronutrients with your meals! Moreover, you must approach fitness as a year-round commitment like Mahesh Babu, rather than a short-term goal. We wish Mahesh Babu a very happy birthday and wish he keeps on inspiring us to achieve our personal body goals!


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