Five Mistakes You Make While Eating Healthy Food

Manita Ralhan  |  Updated: July 17, 2018 18:59 IST

Five Mistakes You Make While Eating Healthy Food
  • Not all eating healthy myths are actually true.
  • Eating healthy doesn't always seem that smooth
  • Right carbs don't make you gain weight.

Remember when we were kids, eating was as simple as open, chew and enjoy, right? But now eating healthy doesn't seem that smooth. Between organic, low-carb and high protein diets, it has become a bit confusing. With confusions come a variety of myths too. Healthy eating is not always about strict diet limitations or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Moreover, it is also not hard to believe that not all eating healthy myths are actually true. By believing these myths we end up making enormous mistakes in our journey to healthy living. So here are few mistakes that everyone should absolutely avoid while trying to eat healthy.

Myth Number 1: Cut Out Carbs And Just Eat Protein

As per USDA, about 45 to 65 percent of an adult's daily calorie intake comes from carbs. Health experts around the world explain that intake of the right kind of carbs doesn't make you gain weight. They recommend consum carbs that have more nutritional value like brown rice, beans, quinoa and sweet potatoes.

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brown rice

Intake of right carbs don't make you gain weight.

Myth Number 2: Consuming The Same Food Again And Again

Eating the same food to lose weight sounds like a sure-fire plan, but in reality, it's a mistake! According to human psychology, the act of eating the same food again and again leads to boredom and eventually results in weight gain. Moreover, there are various studies that show boredom can bring on overeating or a quest for diet-derailing treats.

binge eatingThe act of eating the same food again and again leads to boredom.

Myth Number 3: Choosing 'Brown' Bread For Weight Loss

If you think that eating brown bread for weight loss will fetch you better results, then this might be another big mistake you are making as not all brown coloured breads are whole wheat. Between brown and wheat bread, always choose the latter. Also, avoid breads that come loaded with sugar and all-purpose flour (maida). The smart way is to check the ingredient list and quantity used. 

brown bread vs rotiBetween brown and wheat bread, always choose the latter

Myth Number 4: All Calories Are The Same

It's not just the calories that determine how nutritious the food is, but the source of these calories too. High calorie foods with fibre are better alternatives any day. Mango and blueberries are perfect for your calorie intake.

blueberryHigh calorie foods with fibre are better options

Myth Number 5: Avoiding Hard Beverages

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Drinking alcoholic drinks/hard drinks may have some repercussions, however, drinking some alcoholic drinks, in moderation, may not harm you. Research has proved that drinking a glass of wine daily can give your immune system a boost. A glass of white wine has 120 calories and is usually preferred over red wine with 140-160 calories. But, don't get too carried away, though. Excessive consumption can lead to negative effects that defeat the whole purpose or drinking wine for an immunity boost.

red wine garlicModerate alcohol consumption can ward off infections.

Hope we cleared out all the myths for you! So, the next time when you go out, make some smart choices for your food and drink. Remember, focus on what you eat rather than how much you eat.



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