Shruti Haasan's Diet & Fitness Routine: A Transformation Journey You Don't Want to Miss

Mannat Arneja  |  Updated: August 16, 2017 15:24 IST

Shruti Haasan's Diet & Fitness Routine: A Transformation Journey You Don't Want to Miss
  • Shruti swears by her running sessions and recommends it to everyone
  • Other than running, Shruti does regular cardio training
  • She also ensures to take in the right amount of nutrients

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Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti Haasan is extremely talented and has stunned her fans time and again with her diverse set of skills. As a child artist she sang for many films. She is a well-established actor in the Tamil and Telugu film industry with three Filmfare Awards to her name. She set foot in Bollywood in the year 2009 with the movie LuckShruti has also been felicitated with awards for being the Best Playback Singer for many Tamil movies which depicts that she not only possesses various talents but also masters all of them. 

Shruti Haasan has come a long way in terms of her health and fitness and has completely transformed her physique which compelled us to look into her diet and workout secrets to get some inspiration. 

Shruti Haasan's Workout Tips

Shruti was never a gym freak until she was bitten by the acting bug which forced her to take her workout sessions seriously in order to maintain a healthy and fit body. She swears by her running sessions and recommends it to everyone as a good run increases a person’s agility, stamina, endurance and strengthens the core. Other than running, Shruti does regular cardio training. Cardio exercises are one of the best exercises to burn those extra calories and lose weight. Her favourite way to exercise is a 45-50 minute dance session that relieves stress while helping you lose weight.

shruti haasanPicture Credit: Instagram/ShrutzHaasanShruti Haasan's Diet Secrets

Shruti has been honest with her dieting blunders and openly accepts trying crash diets and skipping breakfast which didn't seem to work for her. She has often shared how she now understands the importance of nutrition and takes her diet and meal plans very seriously. She ensures to take in the right amount of nutrients, believes in eating healthy and opposes the idea of starving oneself or skipping meals. Her diet is a balance between the right amount of protein and carbs and her meals usually include eggs, muesli, Idli (South Indian Cuisine), fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, salads, soups and grilled chicken. Shruti has revealed that her two favourite foods are sushi and sambhar. Quite a contrast, we must say!

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shruti haasanPicture Credit: Instagram/ShrutzHaasan

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She drinks a lot of water as it detoxifies the body and keeps it hydrated. Her favourite beverages to hydrate herself instead of water are coconut water and watermelon juice. Shruti Haasan's easy-breezy fitness tips are quite doable and they can be easily incorporated.  


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