Healthy Diet: 3 Delightful Smoothie Bowl Recipes For An 'Insta-worthy' Nutritious Meal

Beautifully plated smoothie bowls have a separate fan base among millennials. Here are 3 smoothie bowl recipes you can try at home!

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Healthy Diet: 3 Delightful Smoothie Bowl Recipes For An 'Insta-worthy' Nutritious Meal

Smoothie bowls are nutritionally rich and a treat for the eyes as well

  • Smoothie bowls are quite the rage on Instagram
  • Smoothies are easy to put together and nutritious
  • Smoothie bowls can be topped with a host of crunchy ingredients

Smoothies are the drinks of choice for health freaks around the world. The thick shake, made from a variety of milks and yogurt with fruit or vegetable purees, is loaded with a lot of essential nutrients. The drink is not just healthy, low in calories and nutritious, but is also a convenient. All you need to do is wash and peel fresh fruits and vegetables and blend them along with milk of your choice, some gut-friendly yogurt and a natural sweetener of your choice. If you want to increase the amount of particular nutrients in your diet, you may choose to add these to your smoothie as well, in the form of supplement powders, as prescribed by a certified nutritionist.

Smoothies can be quite aesthetically pleasing as well. Smoothie bowls are, in fact, quite the rage on the photo and video sharing website Instagram. Beautifully plated smoothie bowls have a separate fan base among millennials. Smoothie bowls have started making appearances at juice bars and healthy food restaurants as well. But you can put a smoothie bowl together at home as well. All you need is a grain of creativity and a willingness to make your diet more colourful and healthy.

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3p5po278Healthy Diet: Smoothie bowls can help you add loads of essential vitamins to your diet

Take a look at three amazing smoothie bowl recipes:

1. Peach, Raspberry And Nuts Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This summer smoothie is a treat for the belly as well as the eyes. With the antioxidant power of raspberries, the vitamin content of peaches and soaked bananas, and the potassium from bananas, this recipe is a nutritional winner if there ever was one. Kids are sure to enjoy this!

2. Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl Recipe

If you're not a fan of traditional dairy milk, then this pina colada smoothie bowl can be a delicious offering. With coconut milk, low fat yogurt, and fresh fruits like pineapples, strawberries, mangoes, passion fruit, banana and kiwi, this recipe is low in calories and rich in fat and vitamins. It contains no added sugar.

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3. Walnut Berry Beetroot Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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Beetroots are loaded with healthy fibre and are preferred ingredients for smoothies for one fantastic reason - that beautiful deep red tint! This simple beetroot, berries and nuts smoothie recipe is hefty due to the oats in it and flavoursome due to the addition of ginger and mint to the mix.

305haj0oHealthy diet: Beetroots lend a beautiful deep red tint, as well as loads of nutrition

You can use a number of toppings for your smoothie bowls to add to their nutrition and to make them look appetising. These include flaxseeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raw cacao nibs, coconut flakes, frozen berries, etc. It's time to create your 'Insta-worthy' smoothie bowl today!


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