International Tea Day 2020: 7 Unique Tea Traditions From Across India

Chai Indian-style: Every region in India has its unique ways of brewing tea. Let's take a tour!

Somdatta Saha  |  Updated: December 15, 2020 18:35 IST

International Tea Day 2020: 7 Unique Tea Traditions From Across India

Tea Day 2020: India is one of the largest producers and consumers of tea

  • International Tea Day is marked annually on December 15
  • This day is observed by different tea-producing countries across world
  • In India, tea is a tradition- as diversified as its culture.

There's hardly anything a cup of tea can't resolve! Tea, worldwide, holds a firm place in everyone's life. In fact, every cup of tea has a story to tell. Hence, to celebrate the importance of the beverage, International Tea Day is marked annually on December 15, by different tea producing nations in the world. Countries like India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, among others, celebrate this day to highlight the efforts of the people and workers involved in tea production.

International Tea Day 2020: History, Significance And Celebration:

Designed by several international organisations and trade unions at the World Social Forum, this International Tea Day was first observed in New Delhi in 2005. It aimed to draw global attention to the impact of tea trading on the growers and the workers. Later in 2015, the Indian Government proposed the FAO Intergovernmental Group on Tea to expand the observance globally. This day is generally observed by organising several seminars, conferences and events across the tea-producing nations.

International Tea Day 2020: Different Types Of Tea Across India

India is one of the largest producers and consumers of tea. This beverage makes an integral part of our everyday life. From boosting energy in the morning to calming you down after a long tiring day - we look forward to a cup of tea for every minute situation. It won't be an exaggeration to say that tea is a tradition in this country (which is as diversified as its culture). While black tea and masala chai is loved by one and all, every region has its unique ways of brewing tea that makes a significant part of their food culture. This International Tea Day, we bring you a few such unique tea options from across India.


Here Are 7 Unique Tea Options From Across India:

Bengali lebu cha:

If you have explored Bengali food, then you surely have come across lebu cha- Bengal's own spiced-lemon tea. Widely available in every 'nukkad' and tea stalls, it basically a black tea with lemon, black salt, ginger powder and sugar mixed in it. You must give it a try!

Kashmiri noon chai:

Also called pink tea, noon chai is an authentic Kashmiri tea that includes salt in it. Here, green tea is brewed with whole spices (like cinnamon, cardamom), nuts (almond, pistachio etc), baking soda, milk, salt and sugar, giving the beverage a nice pink colour. If you want to try this tea at home, here we have the recipe.

Kashmiri kahwa:

Another famous tea from the extreme north, Kashmiri kahwa is widely popular across the nation. It is light, aromatic and keeps you want during winters. Click here for the recipe.


Parsi choi:

Chai is referred to as choi in Parsi. This Parsi-style chai is a fragrant mix of mint leaves (often lemongrass), ginger and cardamom, along with tea leaves, and gives a kick of energy to start the day. You may add or avoid milk in this recipe.

Mumbai's cutting chai:

Cutting chai literally translates to half of the chai. A popular beverage in Mumbai, it is basically masala chai, served in a smaller portion. On your next visit to Mumbai, make sure to stop by a tea stall and experience cutting chai with 'biskut' (biscuits).


Gujarati Ukado:

Ukado is basically a healthy decoction of lemon, honey, mint, ginger et al. A kadha or herbal tea for all, this Gujarati drink is just what you need to boost immunity and nourish yourself from within.

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Mangalorean kasai:

Another herbal tea option, this hot drink from Mangalore is a kadha made with dhania, jeera, saunf, methi, sugar candy et al. Several people add jaggery, instead of sugar, to make it healthier for daily consumption.

Happy International Tea Day 2020!


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