New Restaurant: Zorambo's Indian Fusion Food Is Young At Heart With An Eye On Global Domination

Tanu Ganguly  |  Updated: May 02, 2019 13:12 IST

New Restaurant: Zorambo's Indian Fusion Food Is Young At Heart With An Eye On Global Domination

This new 'cafetaurant' in Delhi is serving popular street food dishes.

  • Zorambo is serving popular street food dishes.
  • There are some nostalgia-evoking dishes too - like Panj Matthi
  • There are some subtle touches that make Zorambo more than a regular cafe

Zorambo is a new cafeplus restaurant concept launched in Delhi NCR in the last few months. There are three operational outlets already and the team plans to launch a whopping 200 outlets in total, over the next two years across the world! Sounds incredible, doesn't it? But, given the growing landscape of restaurants in India and how young office-goers and millennials lap up new concepts around eating out, Zorambo might achieve this mega-feat sooner rather than later. They have their target audience keenly zeroed in on. Additionally, they have a food selection that this audience is likely to enjoy a great deal.

The 'cafetaurant' - an amalgamation of the two concepts of cafe and restaurant, and a term by Zorambo's founding team - has popular street food dishes like samosas, fried chicken (called Kurkure Chicken on the menu), chhole kulcha and kachori. There are some nostalgia-evoking dishes too - like the Panj Matthi, which would remind most of you of the matthi and achhar combination from your childhood. Pink Latte and Red Velvet Coffee are for the adventurous at heart and the chicken tikkas and keema parantha are meant for the time when you want familiar, comfort food.


Cappuccino with OMG Samosas


Chicken Kurkure

Some of the other sections of what's a pretty pocket-friendly menu are dedicated to shakes, teas and coffees, and baked goodies like croissants and sandwiches. While the menu is reasonably priced, the founding team has tried to bring in a more premium look and feel to the outlet. There are a few subtle touches too that make Zorambo more than a regular cafe chain. Take for example, the idea of keeping books in each outlet, or a little tic-tac-toe on each table to encourage people to have a conversation with each other and not on their phones. Now, wouldn't that be good for a change! Sunil Aswal, the founder of Zorambo, plans to bridge the gap between premium cafes and fine-dining restaurants with his ambitious venture.

"We want people to come here and relax, enjoy our food and talk to each other, not be busy with their phones or laptops", he shared with me. In addition to increasing their reach to other tier-1 cities in India, a slew of Zorambo outlets are also slated to open in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Singapore over the next 48 months. Zorambo has an interesting food and beverage menu, with a clear focus on the young. Their menu is a mix of innovation and comfort with the hope that the Zorambo experience is enjoyed all over the world. It's a place to hop in for a coffee, samosa and loads of banter.

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