Recipe Video: Fibre-Rich Jowar Pancakes For A Healthy Breakfast 

We have discovered a new, great way to make pancakes healthy and flavourful.

Neha Grover  |  Updated: July 03, 2019 17:17 IST

Recipe Video: Fibre-Rich Jowar Pancakes For A Healthy Breakfast 

Watch: Gluten-free jowar pancakes

  • Pancake is a popular breakfast meal
  • Replace maida with jowar to make a healthier pancake
  • This recipe is easy to follow and the pancake can be made in minutes

Breakfast is all about creating quick meals that can be made in a jiffy and also fulfil our nutritional needs. Of all the easy-to-fix morning meals, pancake is one item that is delicious and takes little time to cook. Traditionally, pancake is made with all-purpose flour (maida), which is highly refined and may pose health problems like weight gain, high blood pressure and irritable bowel movements. We tend to replace maida with wheat flour in most of the dishes to make them healthier. But, we forget that there are many more kinds of flour that may be even better than wheat flour for people with conditions like gluten intolerance. 

We have discovered a new, great way to make pancakes healthy and flavourful. Replace maida with jowar or sorghum. Jowar is a gluten-free millet and is loaded with a range of vital nutrients. 

Jowar Health Benefits - 

Jowar is gluten-free so it's great for people allergic to gluten, which is present in both maida and wheat flour (atta). 

Jowar is a rich source of fibre, which improves the digestion system and checks excessive weight gain. 

The millet contains a good amount of antioxidants, Vitamin B, calcium and minerals like iron and phosphorous.


Jowar is also rich in proteins. A 100 grams serving of jowar contains about 10.62 grams of protein, as per the USDA data.

Jowar contains complex carbohydrates that are better than simple carbohydrates found in other flours. Complex carbohydrates cause the blood sugar to rise slowly and gradually. 

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Jowar is rich in dietary fibre

This amazing recipe of jowar pancakes has been shared by flood vlogger Alpa Modi on her YouTube channel 'Something's Cooking With Alpa'. Watch the video here. 

Jowar Pancake Recipe - 

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