Summer Detox: 5 Refreshing Drinks With Mint (Pudina) Leaves To Keep Up With The Heat

Neha Grover  |  Updated: May 16, 2019 12:15 IST

Summer Detox: 5 Refreshing Drinks With Mint (Pudina) Leaves To Keep Up With The Heat
  • Mint is a powerful herb that is used to enhance foods and drinks
  • Mint lends its fresh aroma and zingy flavour to make a drink refreshing
  • Mint-based drink is excellent to cool off in summer

Mint is a powerful herb that has long been used to enhance dishes like raita, salads and chutneys. It brings in a fount of freshness and tanginess to food and makes it more flavourful. Mint, also known as pudina in India, boasts of a number of medicinal properties that make it famous as a 'healing food' in Ayurveda. Whether applying topically or ingesting it, mint exudes wellness. For starters, mint is great for smooth digestion as it helps in breaking down of food faster. It also accelerates metabolism and aids in weight loss. Loaded with antioxidants, mint defends against common infections and flushes out toxins from the body.

With these and more advantages, it is an excellent choice to include mint in our daily summer diet - not just in meals but also in drinks. Mint lends its fresh aroma and zingy flavour and can make any beverage refreshing and perfect to cool off in this searing climate. 

Here are some detox summer drinks you can make with fresh mint leaves -

1.    Mint Lime Fizz - 

Once you'll take a sip of this drink, you'll forget your regular nimbu pani. This  drink with lemon and mint leaves will fizzle out your stress and heat in a jiffy.


See recipe here

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Summer drink: Mint lime fizz

2.    Coconut Water With Lemon And Mint

The various cooling properties of coconut water, lemon and mint come together to make this drink an ideal pick to escape the heat.

See recipe here

coconut water has potassium

Coconut water with lemon and mint

3.    Iced Mint Tea

Can't drink a cup of hot tea during an already boiling day? Get your daily caffeine fix with this icy cold tea with added freshness of mint leaves. 

See recipe here


Summer drink: mint tea

4.    Mint Lassi

There's nothing like a tall glass of chilled lassi on a hot, balmy day. This new, minty lassi made of yogurt will infuse good bacteria in your body and energise it to take on the day like a pro.

See recipe here

5.    Mint Kiwi Lemonade

The dynamic concoction of zesty kiwi, mint and lemon makes this drink a must-have for this time of the year when you eat less and drink more and strive to fulfil the nutritional needs of the body. 

See recipe here

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kiwi smoothie

Summer drink: Kiwi mint lemonade

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If you don't have access to fresh mint leaves all the time, you can buy some in bulk, dry its leaves in the sun, muddle them a bit and store them in an air-tight jar. The dried mint leaves can last for months together. 

Try these delicious mint coolers, which can be rustled up in minutes and let us know how you liked them in the comments section below.


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