This Clear Drop of Water is Actually a Dessert!

   |  Updated: June 09, 2014 16:17 IST

This Clear Drop of Water is Actually a Dessert!
Trust the Japanese to invent something amazing and crazy! Their creativity isn't limited to technological innovations alone, it spills into food and how. This time, they've invented a very special dessert, that's as much a treat for the eyes, as it's for the taste buds. Looking at the picture, it seems like a jelly or crystal dessert made of gelatin, but it's actually a super sensitive dessert made of water. Yes, you heard it right, it's a water cake!

'Mizu shingen mochi' literally translates into 'the water cake' in Japanese. The original Shingen mochi is an extremely famous dessert - a delectable rice cake usually topped with soya bean powder and brown sugar syrup. It is an exclusive trademark product of a Japanese company, Kinseiken Seika. Technique wise, Mizu shingen mochi borrows closely from shingen mochi, but melts in your mouth quicker. This water cake is prepared with fresh water sourced from Mount Kaikoma - the Southern Japanese's Alps.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@bonabona999

This cake is so delicate that it loses its form in just 30 minutes or as and when it is taken at room temperature. The sweet delicacy melts into your mouth as soon as it touches the tongue. Mizu shingen mochi was first introduced last year during summers and after its smashing popularity, it has been brought into the market again this year. It will be available at the Kinseiken Seika store in Yamanashi, Japan, till the end of this September. The crystal looking dessert is exclusive to this company and is not available anywhere else in the world. So the next time you plan a summer trip to Japan, you know exactly what you shouldn't miss. Comments
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