Top 10 Gorgeous Glitter Foods On Instagram We're Loving Right Now

Food with edible glitter was one of the biggest trends of 2017, and with good reason!

Sakshita Khosla  |  Updated: December 19, 2017 18:22 IST

Top 10 Gorgeous Glitter Foods On Instagram We're Loving Right Now
  • Edible glitter is the most common decorative ingredient.
  • Shimmery foods are wildly popular on Instagram.
  • Edible glitter is very easy to make at home.
Food with edible glitter has been one of the biggest trends of the year gone by. From teas and coffees to cakes, pastries and even gravies, people have been shimmering their food and drinks up, all around the world. Of course, the trend has taken Instagram by storm, with our feeds flooded with food that is too-pretty-to-eat. The consensus among foodies on Instagram seems to be- why eat normal food, when you can eat a glittery version of it? We can't help but agree!

Edible glitter is extremely easy to make and is often used in confections like wedding and birthday cakes. Nowadays, bakers have been using copious amounts of this decorative ingredient, making the finishes product look nothing short of a piece of art. Needless to say, we're here for this super cool trend and listed below are some shimmery foods that we're currently tripping on.

Glitter Galaxy Donuts

Sure, plain glazed donuts are great, but who wouldn't want theirs to look like the infinite galaxies interspersed with a million twinkling stars?

Glitter Coffee

We all need our cuppa joe to start our mornings with. Adding just a pinch of glitter to it surely won't hurt. Or maybe, a jar full of it? Who cares, right?

Glitter Jelly

Who said glitter and jellies are only for kids? Adults need their share of shimmery treats too.

Glitter Cake Pops


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Glittery cake pops look like bite-sized balls of happiness. Who would go for the regular dull cake pops when these are on offer?

Glitter Chocolates and Candies

Serotonin overload and a treat for the eyes too. Glitter chocolates for the win!

Glitter Macarons

The elegance of French baking meets the kitsch of edible glitter and we've got a bomb of a dessert in the glitter macarons.

Glitter Ice Cream


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Fancy a cold treat to beat the heat with shimmery toppings to fight the blues?

Glitter Pancakes


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What's better than a plate of steaming hot pancakes for breakfast? Pancakes with dollops of coarse edible glitter on top of them, of course!

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Glitter Cupcakes


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Nothing's perfect in this world. Except cupcakes with glitter colourful frosting on them. Those, you just can't improve.

Glitter Smoothie


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There isn't a bigger motivation to eat healthy than colorful fruit smoothies that have been given with glittery makeover.


Adding too much glitter to your foods is of course, unhealthy and we would advise you against it. But a little bit of a sprinkling here and there can brighten up your day.

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