Wait, What? Mango Peels Are Healthy And Can Be Eaten?

Neha Grover  |  Updated: May 13, 2019 13:05 IST

Wait, What? Mango Peels Are Healthy And Can Be Eaten?
  • Mango peel does not have to be necessarily discarded
  • It contains almost the same nutrients as the fruit itself
  • You can eat mango peels after knowing the risk factors

We love to eat our fruits by just biting into them and let it squeeze out the juices in our mouth. But, there are many fruits whose skin, peel or rind is usually discarded to eat the fleshy insides. Mango is one such fruit whose skin is tossed out to wallow in the delicious pulpy fruit. Mango is the most-loved tropical fruit that eases our summer woes with its sweet, mushy treat. There is an array of different kinds of mangoes available throughout the season, all of which are eaten and enjoyed by people with the same zeal. However, the outer layer of all these varieties of mangoes is sheared off to make way for the soft and delicious mango flesh.

Many food experts are of the opinion that mango peel does not have to be necessarily discarded. While it plays an important role in forming a protective covering for the valuable fruit inside, it is an important food item in itself.

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Mango peel does not have to be necessarily discarded


Advantages Of Eating Mango Peel -

  • Vitamin A and C are found in abundance in mango peels. These vitamins help in building the immune system of the body.
  • The stupendously fibrous quality of mango peel makes it a great metabolism booster, which proves to be highly effective in losing excessive weight. It also eases bowel movements, keeping the digestion system running smoothly.
  • Phytonutrients present in the shell of mangoes contain certain antioxidants that fight infections and harmful diseases.
  • Certain components found in mango peels like triterpenes and triterpenoids, maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Flavonoids contained in mango peels resist early aging and impart a dewy glow to the skin.
  • Mango peel contains almost all the nutrients offered by the fruit itself but is shorn off sugar and carbohydrates and excessive calories. This may be a good factor for people looking to lose some weight.

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Mango peel is a nutritious food item

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Disadvantages of eating mango peels -

With all the health-benefitting properties of mango peels, it may not always be a good idea to eat them. Here's why -


  • Mango peel is defamed for containing a powerful compound called urushiol, which may has some organic chemicals. Some people can develop allergies if they ingest this compound.
  • Mango peel is bitter in taste and has a rough texture, which makes it difficult to chew.
  • Sometimes, fruits are injected with pesticides to ward off bacteria and insects while they are growing in the fields. Although, farmers claim that the chemicals are washed off before supplying the foods, there may still be a risk of some pesticide residue on the outer layers of the food.


So, should you eat mango peel?

We leave it up to you to use your discretion and suit your personal preferences. Make your decision after weighing in all the pros and cons and enjoy the nutritious mango fruit in this hot season with or without its peel. It is always better to consult your doctor before you eat mango peal.


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