Weight Loss: This Low-Fat, High-Protein Dahi Chicken Recipe Is Just What You Need! (Watch Video)

Dahi chicken is delicious to boot and rich in lean protein - both from the chicken and the curd.

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Weight Loss: This Low-Fat, High-Protein Dahi Chicken Recipe Is Just What You Need! (Watch Video)

Dahi Chicken is a stellar low-fat and high-protein recipe to add to your repertoire

  • Protein is an essential nutrient for weight loss
  • Chicken is a good source of lean protein and a must in high protein diet
  • Dahi chicken is easy to make and delicious to boot

Chicken is one of the best sources of lean protein from an animal source. Protein is an important macro-nutrient required by the human body for building, repairing and retaining muscle mass. Protein is also a filling nutrient and as such, may promote satiety and help in regulating body weight. This is why health experts emphasise the inclusion of sufficient amounts of protein in daily diet. In India, chicken is one of the most popular meats that is consumed by non-vegetarians. It's relatively easier to cook with and tastes delicious. What's more? It's versatile as well. You can include it in a wide range of dishes, from soups to salads to sandwiches and even rice dishes. But most of our desi chicken dishes tend to be very rich and loaded with calories.

Butter chicken is perhaps the most popular desi curry to have been born on the Indian subcontinent. The creamy, delightful curry is a must-have for everyone who loves Indian food. There is no one way or recipe to prepare a chicken curry, but a lot of curries do involve calorie-laden ingredients like copious amounts of oil and cream. But you can make your chicken curry low in fat and calories as well. One of the most popular ways of making your chicken dish healthy is to cook it in curd. Dahi chicken is delicious to boot and rich in lean dietary protein - both from the chicken and the curd.


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As mentioned earlier, protein may promote fullness and may also help build, repair and retain lean muscle mass. But the packaging of the protein also matters. Chicken is said to be a great source of protein, as it is low in fat and contains low levels of carbohydrates as well. Additionally, it contains the various kinds of essential amino acids as well. A 100 gram portion of chicken contains 24 grams of protein (as per data by the United States Department of Agriculture). Chicken paired with curd is a winning combination for anyone looking to load up on lean protein. A 100 gram portion of the dairy product contains 11 grams of protein (as per the USDA data).

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Moreover, this recipe of dahi chicken is made by using just one tablespoon of cooking oil, making it low in fat. It's easy to prepare as well. All you need to do is marinate boneless chicken pieces in a curd marinade for about 30 minutes and then cook it along with chopped onions, tomatoes and chillies. Add water and let the curry simmer for just a few minutes for a flavourful and healthy low-fat, high-protein stunner. For the full step-by-step recipe and details of ingredients, click here

Weight Loss: Watch the recipe video of low-fat, high-protein dahi chicken here:


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