10 Brilliant Home Remedies for Bee Sting

   |  Updated: February 23, 2017 12:54 IST

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10 Brilliant Home Remedies for Bee Sting
  • Honey bees sting only when they feel threatened
  • Some people are found to be excessively allergic to the venom
  • Lavender oil acts as an excellent neutraliser
Have you always tried to shoo away that nasty honey bee who wouldn’t stop chasing you, once you caught the critter’s fancy? What if we were to tell you that you didn’t have to do anything at all, and hold still. The truth is that if you don’t send life threatening or aggressive signals to the bee, it will meander across and fly away. Honey bees sting only when they feel threatened, as once it loses its stinger, it dies. So your sitting still can actually save two lives. Yes, two lives! In some cases a sting can prove to be fatal. Some people are found to be excessively allergic to the venom left by the sting, which at times can even induce difficulty in breathing, increase pulse rate and worse an anaphylactic shock, a severe form of allergic reaction which can lead to death.

But in most cases the stings do not result in reactions so extreme, and induces only a strong burning sensation, swelling and itching at the affected area.

Here are some easy home remedies that can help you combat the effects of the sting -

1. Squeeze Out the Sting and Apply Ice Water

First and foremost scrape out the stinger with the help of a credit card or a similar object and carefully squeeze the venom out. Itching and scratching can worsen the case, so hold back from it at least until the stinger is out.  Immediately apply ice water or soap on to the stung area for 20 minutes. This should relieve the pain and swelling in matter of few hours.

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2.  Look for a ‘Base’

Go back to your chemistry classes and recall how a base neutralises an acid. The sting induces an acidic influx, which causes the burning sensation. So grab some baking soda or vinegar make a paste of it  with water and apply it on to the wound for about half an hour, or you can apply some toothpaste, which also acts as an effective base to counter the acidic sting.

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baking soda 625

3.  Use Raw Potato or Onion

If the sting does not induce extreme allergic reactions, you can choose to trust your Nani-Dadi kenuskhe to come in handy for some quick respite. Raw potato and onion have been used traditionally to treat the initial pain of stings. Both have anti-inflammatory properties.

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potato 620

4. Garlic Juice

Juice of crushed garlic applied on the area of sting is also known to give positive results. Apply the juice and leave it for about 20 minutes.

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5. Papaya and Other Meat Tenderisers

Papaya and other meat tenderisers can come in handy for instant pain relief. Apart from papain, papaya also contains other effective enzymes that help against inflammation and promote healing of burns.

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6. Honey

It is noted that honey can also cancel out the sting left by a ‘honey bee’? Ironic much? Yes, dabbing honey on to the wound and covering it with a gauze for 30 minutes can prove to be an effective remedy. However if a person is allergic to honey, it is advisable to keep away from it.

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7. Mud

If you are outside and can’t get hold of the above ingredients, for SOS purpose grab some mud and water and apply it on the wound to ease the initial pain. Add enough water to make sure the mud mixture is spread evenly on to the stung area, rinse it clean once you get home and apply an antibiotic cream.

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rosewater multani mitti and lemon mask

8.  Lavender Essential Oil 

Lavender oil acts as an excellent neutraliser to the venom. It boasts of strong anti-inflammatory abilities, which can help relieve the swelling. Dab one or two drops of lavender essential oil to the sting for relief. You can also mix a bit of coconut oil  for effective results.

lavender oil

9.  Plantain Leaf 

Plaintain leaf (Plantago major) can also prove to be a great reliever of pain. You can place some leaves in between your fingers, if the sting is on one of the fingers or chew a few leaves for releasing its juice and then apply the leaves on to the stung area.

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10. Aloe Vera

Apart from its multiple skin benefits, Aloe vera can also act as a soothing agent in relieving the pain of bee-sting. You just have break off a leaf and squeeze the gel directly onto the wound.

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