6 Tips That'll Help You Lose Weight

   |  Updated: June 30, 2014 17:08 IST

6 Tips That'll Help You Lose Weight
Starting a diet plan is half the battle. Most importantly, one needs to stick to it! From making exercise enjoyable to avoiding fad diets, here are some tips that will help you cling to your weight loss routine. Just remember that you didn't gain all the weight in one day and you certainly won't lose it either. Therefore, being patient is the first rule.

* Morning workouts -
If you do it in the morning you won't be trying to find excuses to get out of it later in the day when you're tired and worn out. (More: Should I wake up early to lose weight?)

* Make exercise enjoyable -
If you like to go for walks do that, add some resistance with hand weights and pick up the pace too. Even ask friends to get involved with you, you'll find having a partner helps a lot and will encourage you to work harder. (More: Losing weight may require some serious fun)

* Don't weigh yourself every day -
You'll feel disheartened when the scales don't change or even go up, which it can throughout the day. You can probably weigh yourself weekly to know where you stand.

* Don't fall for the latest fad diet - They'll inevitably fail and you'll find yourself putting on all of the weight again. Small changes to your diet and lifestyle will make the big difference in the future. (More: 5 diets loved by celebrities)

*Prepare and plan your meals in advance -
It might be hard to know what you're going to feel like for tea next Tuesday but if you make a plan in advance and get the foods you need for it you're more likely to stick to it. Get up in the morning an extra five minutes early to prepare a healthy and nutritious lunch as opposed to being stuck in the cafe eating a calorific sandwich or pasta filled with lots of creamy sauces. (More: Eat these foods to cut unwanted fat)
*Don't let the tough times get you down - We all know that it's going to be tough, but if you spend ten seconds envisaging where you want to be you'll find the strength to carry on and get better. Don't forget to look back on how far you've come already too. It's definitely something you'll want to celebrate.

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