Expert Reveals: How Hypnosis Helps With Weight-Loss

 , Weight Management Expert  |  Updated: October 06, 2014 16:12 IST

Expert Reveals: How Hypnosis Helps With Weight-Loss
Does hypnosis for weight-loss really work or is it just a marketing gimmick?

Losing weight can be a frustrating and challenging journey for some people; mostly because they follow an inconsistent dieting pattern which usually goes like this - they diet, overeat, feel guilty for overeating and start dieting again. This makes the whole process makes the whole process excruciating,  increases stress levels and sometimes even lead to depression.

Nutritional advisory and guidelines can not only help focus on healthy eating but create a good understanding of what to eat and when to eat. Hypnotherapy on the other hand changes how you feel about what you eat. It's almost impossible to live in a world where you can give up your favourite fried-food and start eating strictly healthy but hypnotherapy makes this a possibility. It can help you take control over your food cravings and at the same time inhibit a state of depression.

What will hypnotherapy do?

Hypnotherapy targets the unconscious mind and help you develop a new and positive relationship with food and exercise. With this change in attitude, you end up feeling more confident about yourself which in turn helps you lose weight without affecting your emotional well being. A hypnotherapist can also motivate you to increase your level of physical activity.
Hypnotherapy is particularly useful for those who see exercise as a mere chore rather than a pleasurable activity. A therapist can do a lot to change this kind of a mindset.
How hypnotherapy can work for weight-loss?

1. In the first phase you hypnotherapist will take you into state of deep relaxation.

 2. Once you are in relaxation mode, your therapist will access your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind (or the unconscious) consists of processes in the mind that occur automatically and are not available for introspection. This includes thoughts processes, memory, affect, and motivation.

3. The hypnotherapist will ask questions to explore reasons for overeating, will question your unhealthy eating pattern and suggest a new approach.

4. Over time you'll learn how to replace those negative thoughts and unhealthy food habits with a healthy diet.

Belinda Hulstrom, an Australian counselor and clinical hypnotherapist says, "We need to change the way we perceive weight-loss. It's not about losing weight but about getting rid of something we no longer need or want and about creating a whole new relationship with food and our bodies."

She add, "Probably the most powerful message hypnosis can get across is that you always have the power to choose. You can have that piece of chocolate cake, but you don't have to have it. Hypnosis can help create a relationship with yourself that's more honest."

This in no way means hypnotherapy alone can help you lose weight, but that hypnotherapy along with a control on your diet and regular exercise works wonders for weight-loss.


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