10 Best Diet Recipes

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10 Best Diet Recipes
Let's face it, there are no end to diet regimes! Thanks to the internet that provides us so many ideas and options to choose from. While everyone starts off on a positive and serious note, only a few manage to stick to it till the end, unfortunately. Those celebrity endorsed diet regimes always paint a picture of it being the best thing, making you believe every word of it.

"So Megan Fox followed a Paleo diet, may be that'll help me shed a few pounds. Or should I go for the 5:2 diet that Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce took up? " such is the quintessential state of flux in an average dieter's mind.

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And finally, those nonsensically bizarre diet regimes that restrict one's intake only to a few food items, barring every other consumable item on the face of this planet. In such a scenario it remains of utmost importance to accept and understand the fact, that crash diets may work instantly but in the longer run are capable of making our bodies devoid of some of the most essential nutrients. Experts across the globe suggest teaming regular exercise with a well-balanced diet characterised by portion control and cutting down on junk food, processed food items, alcohol, smoking and caffeine.

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This piece aims to debunk some of the most widely committed crimes against one's own health in the name of 'dieting'. This can be your guide to how to diet properly, the dos and the don'ts, followed by a spread of scrumptiously healthy recipes that'll keep the taste intact and your health too.

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Key to Success: A Balanced Diet

Experts suggest that a wholesome diet should comprise a daily dose of anti-oxidants, protein, iron, fibre, calcium, Vitamin D and many other essential nutrients. This would require you to consume dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, fish, lentils, fruits, nuts, dairy and poultry items - all divided in small meals, scattered throughout the day. Vegetarians can substitute non-vegetarian sources of nutrients with foods like soy, mushrooms, tofu, cottage cheese and so on. Apart from these, following points should also be kept in mind.

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-          Regular and sufficient water intake

-          Avoiding caffeine

-          Avoiding tobacco and alcohol

-          Portion control

-          Avoiding junk and processed food items

-          Regular and proper breakfast

-          Small regular meals instead of three heavy ones

-          Avoiding white carbs

-          Light supper

-          Regular exercise

Stuck on a Diet?

For those who think that following some kind of a special diet regime or a weight-loss programme is imperative, make sure that you do it right and stick to it till the very end. According to a Delhi-based weight management expert, Dr. Gargi Sharma, "Before taking on a weight-loss program, there are certain things you should know. The first is your Body Mass Index or BMI." This is followed by an assessment of the kind of body type you have and the 'perfect' diet programme or exercise regime to suit you the best.

In addition to this, keep the following in mind:

- Do it under supervision

- Get a tailor-made programme (a combination of customised diet and exercise plan) to suit your requirements and your body type.

- Make your regime an exciting, satisfying and flexible one, not the one based on abstinence which will make it tedious and hard to follow.

And, for those who think that being on a diet is all about giving up on all the deliciousness in life, think again. We have put together some of the easiest, simplest and yummiest of preparations that will make healthy eating loads of fun. From decadent desserts, spicy curries to wholesome soups and refreshing salads, we have got your gastronomic needs covered.

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1. Low fat French Onion Soup
Recipe by Chef Divya Burman

Savour the traditional French onion soup cooked the healthy way. Chef Divya Burman keeps the quintessential flavours alive while giving the entire preparation a healthy makeover.


2. Asian Sesame Chicken Salad
Recipe by Chef Ritu Dalmia

The goodness of chicken teamed with the crunch of sesame seeds and subtle flavours of tangy dressing. This one comes packed with nutrients and flavours.


3. Quinoa Risotto
Recipe by Seema Chandra

Step beyond the conventional - give rice a skip and replace with ingredients like quinoa and couscous. A hearty meal put together using quinoa, olive oil and a handful of basic spices and herbs.


4. Thai Soyabean In Cabbage Cups
Recipe by Chef Divya Burman

A delightful vegetarian treat that comes packed with nutrients and spellbinding flavours. Here's a delicious mix of soya in Thai herbs and spices.


5. Nahm Jim Steamed Fish
Recipe by Varun Tuli

Steamed preparations are some of the healthiest and great for your diet. Indulge in the flavourful brilliance of steamed fish fillets cooked in Thai ingredients.

6. Jowar Medley
Recipe by Seema Chandra

Tired of eating poha, quinoa or brown rice? Make way for jowar! Tossed with chunky vegetables and rice bran oil, this is your sure shot recipe to health.


7. Oats Idli
Recipe by Ramya Parameswaran

For the love of South Indian food, we present to you the classic idli with a healthier spin - these are made of oats.


8. Tofu and Cashew Mayonnaise
Recipe by Seema Chandra

Can't get mayo out of your mind as well as your plate? Try this all-vegan, healthy version of mayo with no eggs or oil, yes it's magic!


9. Chicken Masala without Oil
Recipe by Chef Divya Burman

Here's your wildest dream come true, a quick and easy way to cook chicken curry with absolutely no oil.


10. Oat Apple Crumble
Recipe by Seema Chandra

And for those who can't get enough of desserts, we have got a low-fat version of apple crumble along with the goodness of oats.

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