Long Breath Diet: This Weight Loss 'Diet' Claims To Make Your Exhale Your Fat Away!

The concept of Long Breath Diet cropped up in Japan in 2013. Miki Ryosuke claimed to have lost 12 Kgs in seven weeks by following the 'diet!'

NDTV Food  |  Updated: March 28, 2018 19:14 IST

Long Breath Diet: This Weight Loss 'Diet' Claims To Make Your Exhale Your Fat Away!
  • The Long Breath Diet was a concept that became popular in 2013.
  • Former actor Miki Ryosuke claimed to have lost 12 Kgs in 7 weeks.
  • The diet claims to boost muscle strength and improve metabolism.
Weight loss diets can be very difficult to follow. With strict meal timings and all kinds of restrictions of what you can and cannot eat, most weight loss diets are doomed for failure. After all, most of us don't have the willpower to fight food cravings for long. Besides, a lot of the diets involve foods and dishes that are extremely boring and are not satisfying or pleasing to our taste buds. But, what if you were told that you could breathe your fat away, instead of trying to lose it by dieting? Seems absurd and impossible, doesn't it?

Although most of you might feel the impulse to dismiss it as wishful thinking, the concept of breathing to lose weight has been around for a while - five years to be precise. The concept of the Long Breath Diet cropped up in Japan in 2013, when former actor Miki Ryosuke claimed to have lost 12 Kgs and five inches around his waist in seven weeks by following the 'diet!' Ryosuke has popularised the concept, and has put out videos to help viewers practice the diet and lose weight. According to the diet expert, the exercise only takes two minutes of your time everyday.

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How To Practice The Long Breath Diet

There are two ways of practicing this breathing technique. One way is to raise your arms above your head and then suck in air through your nose for three seconds and exhale from your mouth for seven seconds. The other way is to tighten the cheeks of your buttocks, place one hand on your abdomen and the other on your lower back to keep it straight, and then inhale through the nose for three seconds and exhale from the mouth for seven seconds. The exercise must be repeated six times at a stretch, and it takes between one to two minutes to complete.


The Long Breath Diet involves inhaling for 3 seconds and exhaling for 7 seconds.

The exercise seemingly works as it engages the inner core muscles, which get a workout due to the prolonged inhalation and forced exhalation. This might be more difficult to achieve than one presumes, because after three seconds, there isn't any air left in your lungs for exhalation. There are tons of videos on the internet to help with the right way to practice this 'diet'.

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Among the claimed benefits of this diet are a boost in the muscle strength and an increase in metabolism. These benefits are a result of increased oxygen in the blood, which supposedly helps in metabolising fat stored in the body and powering up the muscles.

Does Long Breath Diet Work?

Coming to the most important aspect of the diet - does it work? Most fitness experts are sceptical about the ability of breathing in helping you lose weight. The working principle of the diet is pretty simple - when oxygen reaches the fat molecules stored in the body; it breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is then picked up the blood, which transports it to the lungs for exhalation. Although, all of this sounds pretty easy and great as a principle, there is limited evidence about the effectiveness of the diet.


It's important to remember that the Long Breath diet is a fad diet, and hence, must always be taken with a pinch of salt.

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