This Is What Your Wine Preference Says About You - Why Red Wine Is A Healthier Option

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This Is What Your Wine Preference Says About You - Why Red Wine Is A Healthier Option

Your wine preferences tell a lot about your personality traits.

Wine is arguably one of the most popular drinks around the world; and why not? There are numerous variations, blends and flavours of wine to choose from - and there we struggle to pick the right wine for the evening. And, the struggle becomes even more difficult when we need to pick between the classics - red wine and white wine! Both these wines are equally good in taste and are ideal to kick-off a lovely evening. But did you know that your wine preferences tell a lot about your personality traits? Intriguing, right? As per a recent study, if someone chooses white wine, they are more likely to like punk music and are night owls and extroverts, while the ones who choose red wine are more of a wine aficionado, wake up early and love jazz music. 

What Your Wine Preference Says About You

Wine connoisseurs or wine aficionados are the experts who possess knowledge about how to correctly hold a wine glass and how long does it take for wine to oxidise, which makes it unsuitable for consumption. According to Fox News, "the results of the poll revealed that 45 percent of white wine drinkers were also identified as curious, sarcastic, perfectionists, prefer cats to dogs and spend slightly less money on wine. On the other hand, around 31 percent red wine drinkers were more adventurous, humble, claimed to be wine aficionados, introvert, a dog-lover, opposed to a cat lover and spend slightly more on drinking." 


The researchers further evaluated the knowledge of wine aficionados and the ones who host events frequently.

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red wine
Wine aficionados are the experts who possess knowledge about how to correctly hold a wine glass.

Health Benefits Of Red Wine:

  • Low In Calories: As per various health experts and nutritionists, red wine is one of the drinks that contains the least amount of calories with good amount of antioxidants. 
  • Heart Healthy: According to a study, published in journal Nutrition, red wine is good for heart health, when taken in moderation. It lowers risk of heart diseases and stroke due to the presence of tannins in it. Moreover, resveratrol in red wine lowers the risk of having blood clots.
  • Reduces The Signs Of Ageing: Drinking red wine is also known to be good for our skin. As per health experts, red wine is brimming with antioxidants - flavonoids, tannins and resveratrol - that are known to restore collagen and elastic fibres in our skin, resulting in younger looking skin.  
  • For acne prone skin: Due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, applying red wine topically on the face clears the pores, fights acne and prevents future breakouts. Soak a cotton ball or cotton pad in red wine, apply for 20 minutes and voila! Say hello to clear skin.
  • According to The American Cancer Society, another active antioxidant in red wine, quercetin, induces natural cell death in certain types of cancer such as colon cancer. Consumption of red wine in moderation can greatly lower the risk of breast cancer in women as well.
  • Red wine inhibits hair loss and reduces dandruff since it increases blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Red wine also helps you sleep peacefully since it contains melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles.

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