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  • brown basmati rice pilaf hindi

    अगर आप लंच में कुछ हल्का खाना चाहते हैं तो आप ब्राउन बासमती राइस के साथ टमाटर, काला चना और आलूबुखारा समेत प्याज बना सकते हैं। यह बनाने में जितने आसान है उतने ही खाने ...

  • Brown Basmati Rice Pilaf

    A quick and easy rice dish that will leave you wanting for more. Brown basmati rice mingled with tomatoes, kala chana, plums and spring onions.

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  • 10 Best Basmati Rice Recipes

    It is commonly used for making royal biryanis but there's a lot more that you can do with Basmati rice. If you haven't experimented with it yet, here are our 10 best Basmati rice recipes ...

  • Nigel Slater's Quick Spiced Rice Recipe

    Cheap, quick and spicy rice.The recipe Cook 150g of edamame beans in boiling water, then drain and set aside. Pour 400ml of vegetable stock into a saucepan, add 2 tbsp of red spice paste, then ...

  • Angela Hartnett's Spicy Chicken and Rice Recipe

    This quick and easy mix of chicken, spices and basmati rice has all the eastern flavour of a classic biryani.I have always been a fan of one-pot wonders. This take on a biryani is actually ...

  • USFDA Refuses Entry of 1,150 Indian Products in 6 Months

    The USFDA (United States Food and Drugs Administration) refused entry of 1,150 Indian products including spices, basmati rice and generic medicines.