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  • How to Cook Brown Rice: Tips and Tricks

    It cannot be denied that brown rice is vastly healthier than white rice. Here's a beginner's guide on how to cook and store brown rice.

  • How to Cook Mushrooms: From Morels to Portobello and Shiitake

    The most famous of all Indian mushrooms is the mighty morel, but there are many other varieties. Here's how to cook mushrooms.

  • Iftar Special: How to Cook Raan and Secret Tricks to Make the Meat Tender

    The secret of cooking raan lies in taking the toughest meat of the lamb and making it tender and succulent. Here are expert tips and raan recipes to cook like a pro.

  • How to Cook Perfect Sauteed Potatoes

    Are sauteed potatoes even better than chips or just bubble and squeak without the cabbage?I was somewhat puzzled when sauteed potatoes appeared on the list of suggestions for this column. For a start, the highest ...

  • Beyond Cereals: Sabudana, the Healthy Carb and How to Cook it

    There are various dishes that you can make using sabudana - the healthy non-cereal carb source, which is extracted from tapioca. A common ingredient during Navratri, you can use it to make khichidi, vadas, kheer ...

  • Student Food: How to Cook Well on a Budget

    Save on the store-cupboard basics so you can afford more fresh food. And there really are alternatives to pasta and rice. How does the oven work?Carl Williams, BIMM Conventional ovens work by radiating heat from a ...

  • How to Cook the Perfect Moussaka

    A summer holiday favourite perfect for the British spring's combination of scintillating sunshine and sudden sharp showers.It's funny how quick the British are to forget the damp privations of our dreary winters. The first sunny ...

  • How to Cook the Perfect Fried Egg

    If you can turn out exquisite fried eggs every single time you've got one over on most cooks. What's your secret?I embark upon this column in the full and certain knowledge that many of you ...

  • How to Cook the Perfect Pilaf

    Many consider pilaf rice's finest hour. Do you prefer palau, pilau or plov, and do you have a trick for that all-important golden tah-dig?Pilaf is an old, old dish, the complexities of which belie the ...

  • How to Cook Perfect Hash Browns

    If a potato has any place at all on the breakfast table, surely it must be in the form of butter-golden, crispy yet fluffy, hot hash browns.I've spent the last fortnight in the United States. ...

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