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  • Steamed Chicken Roulade

    A delectable chicken dish, easy to cook, a roulade literally means “rolled” in French. These simple roulades are flavourful, healthy and easy - perfect to serve as an elegant main dish. Infused with lamb bolognaise ...

  • Chicken Roulade

    Chop,wrap,marinade, mix & slice over the chicken over your pallet and there you go with the amazing chicken roulade from the Bikers' cafe

  • Roasted Pumpkin and Eggplant Roulade

    About Roasted Pumpkin and Eggplant Roulade Recipe: A nice melange of eggplants, pumpkin and arbi. Grilled eggplants rolled with a herby pumpkin-arbi filling and baked.

  • Cheesy Spinach Roulade

    A cottage cheese roll stuffed with spinach. Topped with cheese and tomato puree, this roulade is baked golden and served piping hot with a dash of oregano.

  • Kashmiri Trout Roulade

    Kashmiri Trout Roulade

  • Palak Murgh Roulade with Makhni Gajar

    A delectable spinach-chicken roulade served on a bed of carrots.

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