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  • Russian Cutlets

    About Russian Cutlets Recipe: A delectable cutlet recipe stuffed with boneless chicken chunks along with potatoes, carrots and a host of spices, covered with the goodness of vermicelli and sesame seeds and deep fried to ...

  • White Russian Cake

    The popular vodka-based cocktail gets transformed into a sinful cake. There's vodka, Kahlua and Bailey's - as heady as it gets.

  • Russian Buckwheat Blini

    Nothing like kick starting the day with a delicious breakfast treat. This traditional Russian dish is made using buckwheat. You can top it with cream and smoked salmon and finish with dill or microgreens.

  • White Russian

    A simple and easy cocktail that is creamy and delicious. It is stirred with Kahlua, vodka and cream.

  • Russian Salad

    About Russian Salad Recipe | Salad Recipes: A popular Russian entree made with diced vegetables and mayonnaise dressing. It is also known as the Olivier salad as the original version was invented by Lucien Olivier. ...

  • Kromeskies

    Bacon wrapped around cooked chicken and mushrooms, coated in batter and deep fried.

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  • Russian Cheesemakers Celebrate Sanctions, And Hope They Continue

    When Russian President Vladimir Putin banned most food imports from Europe in 2014, Russian dairy farmers rejoiced as deliveries of French and Italian cheeses ceased. Now, they believed, they could compete.

  • Russian Scientists Approve Space-Grown Vegetables

    Vegetables grown on board the International Space Station (ISS) can be consumed without fearing food poisoning, Russian scientists believe.Scientists have been studying "orbital-grown" vegetables, including Misuna, or Japanese Cabbage, for several years."The...

  • Carlsberg's Growth Held Back by Russian Economic Woes

    Due to the difficult macro environment in the region, the Russian beer market declined by an estimated nine percent and the Ukrainian beer market by an estimated 14 percent.

  • Russia Bars Beer Sale at Street Stands

    Many Russians woke up on the first day of the New Year only to be greeted by a new harsh reality -- they can no longer pick up a bottle of beer when stopping by ...

  • Hey, Sochi. Where's the beer?

    Hockey and beer. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, Valentine's Day and chocolate, Gretzky and 99.Not in Sochi.To abide by Russian law, beer is not sold inside any venue at the Sochi Games. ...

  • Sochi Scene: Russia's wines seeking respect

    Vodka is the czar of Russian drinks -- ubiquitous, powerful and sometimes crude. Russia's wines are like a provincial nobleman, little-known but aspiring to refinement.Foreign visitors to the Winter Olympics may be surprised Russia even ...

  • The best pancakes in the world

    Given their simplicity and spartan ingredients, it is unsurprising that pancakes are present in almost every food culture, from Russian blinis to Vietnamese banh xeo. So which are the best?Pancake Day is big business. Waitrose ...

  • No taco for you: Restaurant chain 'bans' Putin

    Mighty Taco, a Buffalo-based chain of Mexican fast-foot restaurants, has banned Russian President Vladimir Putin from all of the company's 23 locations in western New York.The company known for its quirky ads announced on social ...

  • Russia: McDonald's Food Has 'Too Many Calories'

    Nearly a quarter-century after McDonald's startled and delighted Soviets with their first taste of American fast-food culture, the company's now facing a suit that could ban it from selling some of its signature products. The ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Mayonnaise | Eve'O'Sullivan

    Your offbeat alternatives to the staple condiment, the definitive potato salad and a Russian classicThe quantity of eggs and oil I've consumed in the name of Reader's Recipe Swap this week has been quite obscene. ...

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