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  • Casa Ginger Mint Paloma

    Abour Casa Ginger Mint Paloma Recipe: Craving some refreshing, minty cool drink to relax over the weekend? Here is a tequila-based cocktail full of ginger goodness, grapefruit juice and tang of lime!

  • Berry Blast

    About Berry Blast Recipe: Berry blast is a boozy mix of tequila, cointreau, raspberry syrup, grape and lime juice, shaken well with crushed ice. Perfect summer cocktail to prepare for a party at home with ...

  • Strawberry Snow

    About Strawberry Snow Recipe: Topped with strawberries and whipped cream, this cocktail balances everything from sweet and sour to being absolutely perfect. Tequila stirred with the perfect amount of Cointreau along with litchi and lime ...

  • Tequila Sunrise

    About Tequila Sunrise Recipe: A refreshing cocktail for your party with friend! Tequila sunrise is packed with the tang of lime and orange along with tarty and sweet grenadine syrup, muddled together with some fine ...

  • City of Tree

    About City of Tree Recipe: A refreshing, tequila cocktail to make your next party super exciting! With the goodness of apple and lychee juice and a hint of elder flower syrup, this is a great ...

  • Babaganoush Margarita

    About Babaganoush Margarita: A refreshing cocktail to serve at your next party at home! Tequila and lime juice mixed with some smoked baba ganoush, a cooked eggplant dip. Try this margarita recipe for some innovative ...

  • Polluted Margarita

    About Polluted Margarita Recipe: A refreshing, tangy, monsoon special cocktail with a blend of tequila, triple sec syrup and lime juice along with tamarind juice. Being a monsoon special vegetable, tamarind is the main ingredient ...

  • Blackberry Bite

    About Blackberry Bite Recipe: A refreshing, monsoon special cocktail with a blend of tequila, litchi juice and lemon chunks along with blackberry. Being a monsoon special fruit, blackberry is the main ingredient here which has ...

  • Tutty Fruity Margarita

    A refreshing concoction of white tequila with luscious mango chunks and rimmed with brown sugar and lime. Sounds like the perfect summer cocktail to soak up the sun this season!

  • Margarita

    its a smooth blend of all the cointreau with tequila and little taste of tangy lime and sweet sugar

'Tequila' - 11 Article Result(s)

  • Is Tequila Good For Health? Here's Why It's Believed To Be

    Tequila is believed to be healthier than other alcoholic drinks and have a number of health benefits, including promoting bone growth. Is it really healthy though?

  • Beyond The Margarita: 10 Tequila Cocktails To Try

    If you haven't sipped the agave-based spirit since you were younger, it's time for a refresher course.

  • 8 Herb-Based Cocktail Recipes

    If you have a fragrant summer bounty of herbs from your kitchen garden or are just driven to try devilishly delicious recipes with secret ingredients to keep your guests guessing, then 'its past time to ...

  • Season's Eating: Grenadine and a Tequila Sunset Recipe

    A tequila sunset, using homemade grenadine is sweet, but balanced with the acidity of the grapefruit. It packs a punch when combined with tequila.

  • No More Fake Tequila or Parmigiano: Food Origins Get New Protection

    Mexican Tequila, Italian Parmigiano and French Roquefort - celebrated food products like these rooted in their geographical origin will now have more protection from international rivals trying to sell knockoff goods using similar names.

  • Watch: Padma Lakshmi's Turmeric Margarita Recipe Can Drive Your Flu Blues Away!

    With the winters still around, flu season is also very much so and Padma Lakshmi's turmeric margarita recipe is just perfect for naturally boosting your immunity and driving those flu blues away!

  • Cooking in High Spirits

    How about some alcohol-infused food to keep you warm this winter and add an edge to your meals?1) Tequila Fired Chipotle King PrawnsRecipe by Vikas Seth, corporate head chef, SanchosIngredients:24 pieces King prawns, deveined with ...

  • Deeper into Mexico with Mezcal

    Mezcal, tequila's brash, more rustic cousin, is crashing the cocktail party, showing up in the kind of mixed drinks normally made with more-refined spirits.Until fairly recently, mezcal was an esoteric choice, but it is becoming ...

  • Make Mine Cool and Easy

    There were those tallboys of Miller High Life cadged off picnickers on a Connecticut beach. Spritzers on a splintery deck on Fire Island. Long, cold shandies on suspiciously sunny Dublin days.There was indisputably lousy wine ...

  • A Mouth Full of Crickets? Lobbyists Speak Up for Edible Insects

    At the Oyamel Cocina Mexicana in Washington, metal butterfly mobiles hang from the ceiling and bugs are on the menu.The chapulines tacos are jammed with thumb-sized roasted grasshoppers, a delicacy head chef Colin King cooks ...

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