Tooth Decay

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  • Been Avoiding a Visit to the Dentist? You May Be at Risk of Tooth Decay

    People who fear visiting a dentist are more likely to suffer tooth decay or have missing teeth for the lack of addressing preventable oral conditions.

  • No Drilling and Filling Required to Treat Tooth Decay: Experts

    The findings suggest that tooth decay or dental caries can be stopped, reversed, and prevented without the need for the traditional 'fill and drill' approach that has dominated dental care for decades.

  • Drug Abuse May Put You at Risk of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

    According to a study, being addicted to drugs may put you at greater risk of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease than people with no substance use disorders.

  • Sugar Consumption High Among Children: Study

    At a time when one in three 10-year-old children are overweight or obese, and one in three five-year-olds has tooth decay, the health risks posed by failure to tackle sugar intake are serious," the Daily ...

  • Lower Your Sugar Intake to Prevent Tooth Decay: Study

    If sugar is your drug of choice then you definitely need to turn things around. A new study that appeared in the journal 'BMC Public Health' has revealed some startling facts about sugar consumption and ...

  • Hair Disorders May Trigger Tooth Decay

    Tooth cavities have long been linked to a person's dietary habits as well as oral hygiene and cleanliness. Much to our surprise, a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation establishes a link ...

  • 4 Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

    There are a lot of causes that can lead to a tooth ache, ranging from tooth decay (let's pick up our brushes twice daily, people!) to more serious ones like a gum disease, an infection, ...

  • Should I Chew Gum?

    Studies have found that it may help to reduce tooth decay, but is it that simpleHowever ugly it looks and however yucky it is when you tread on it, chewing sugar-free gum may be ...

  • Drinking This Could Affect Your Child's Memory

    Health experts have emphasized on the fact that consuming sugary drinks can prove to be more harmful for your health than the consumption of sugar or sugary foods. Some of the recent studies also explain ...

  • Slash Sugar Intake to Fight Obesity: WHO

    Adults and children from the Americas to Western Europe and the Middle East must roughly halve the amount of sugar they consume to lower risk of obesity and tooth decay, says the World Health Organization.