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    • Overexposed: The Sun Damage That Can Lead to Skin Cancer and How to Treat it

      Despite the warnings, many of us still overdo it in the summer sun. Here are the main types of skin damage to watch for and what to do about them.

    • Do Herbal Medicines Improve Our Health?

      About a quarter of us use them and its a multimillion-pound market. But do any of them work? We look at the evidence

    • What Can You Do To Prevent Dementia?

      It's a condition that could strike any one of us, and there is still no cure. But evidence suggests that changing your lifestyle can help to reduce your risk.

    • Will These Five Weird Diets Help You Lose Weight?

      From pigging out on potatoes to eating clay, wacky diets abound. Some even work, but do they do more harm than good? We asked the experts

    • How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

      Could sudoku, drugs and a Mediterranean diet help keep our brains fit? What can the latest neuroscience research tell us?Neuroscience research got a huge boost last week with news of Professor John O'Keefe's Nobel prize for work on the "brain's internal...

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