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    • Karam Sethi's Recipes for a Family Feast

      My perfect summer lunch is a big, boisterous family affair with everybody chipping in.

    • Gymkhana's Dorset Brown Crab With Butter, Garlic and Black Pepper - Recipe

      A seafood special from Gymkhana, the Anglo-Indian restaurant recently voted the best in Britain, this recipe was a Trishna original(Serves 2)6 tbsp melted butter1 tsp vegetable oil2 tbsp garlic paste1 tbsp brown crab meat200g white crab meat1 tbsp coarse...

    • Gymkhana's Suckling Pig Vindaloo - Recipe

      A spicy Anglo-Indian fusion from the restaurant recently voted the best in Britain(Serves 4)600g pig's cheek and leg meat (you can use normal pork instead of suckling pig, but marinate it for up to 12 hours)120ml vegetable oil250g onions, finely chopped240ml...

    • Gymkhana's Chicken Butter Masala - Recipe

      A delicious take on an Indian classic from the restaurant recently voted the best in Britain(Serves 4)500g chicken thigh meat, cut in large diceFor the marinade:1 tbsp Kashmiri chilli powder (or standard mild chilli powder)1 tsp vegetable oil1 tsp of...

    • Gymkhana's Flutterby Lassi - Recipe

      Fancy something refreshing to wet the whistle this summer? Try this alcoholic take on an Indian favourite(Serves 1)3 dill sprigs, plus one to serve2cm cucumber, skinned (reserve the skin to serve)35ml Butterfly Boston absinthe10ml lime juice20ml gomme...

    • Finger-licking good: Karam Sethi's recipes for Indian-style snacks

      India's a food-obsessed nation at the best of times, and we take our snacks and street food very seriouslyFrom the street, to the gymkhana clubs, to the home, there is an Indian snack to suit every occasion. Whether it's a potato chaat that fills a ...

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