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    • Don't Sweat Over Whipping Cream and Make Way for This Magic Frosting

      In the recipe below, I use the magic buttercream in one of my favourite cakes - mango and coconut tres leches.

    • How to Make Ice Cream at Home: An Easy, Foolproof Recipe

      Now making sinful ice creams at home is easy. No need for any machines as these three basic ingredients will churn out the perfect icy treat.

    • In Search of the Perfectly Boiled Egg

      If you are like me, you may have never had the opportunity to gently discover a love for boiled eggs.

    • Taste of Kerala: What it Takes to Perfect a Malabar Parotta

      The great 'Malabar Parotta' or Barota' is a thing of immense joy. Distinct from its North Indian cousin (the lachcha Parantha) and closer to its Malay counterpart, the Roti Cannai, a good Malabar Paratha is flaky yet fluffy, crisp yet soft.

    • Explore Real Turkish Cuisine: 5 Budget Restaurants in Istanbul

      If youre lucky enough to be travelling to Istanbul, you better pack a healthy appetite and a pair of stretchable pants. Its a city with truly stupendous food.

    • Top 10 Places to Eat in Mumbai

      Here are the top 10 restaurants in Mumbai. On a day when Mumbai is at its craziest, traffic is peaking and the crowds are milling, what would you do to please your tummy and welcome the New Year into the madness that is your life? ...

    • Blog: My Love-Hate Affair with Kerala's Cuisine

      It troubles me that 'home' to my parents always means our ancestral home in Kerala's Syrian catholic headquarter - Kottayam. Each summer, we take the 48-hour train journey to Ernakulam Junction at the opposite end of the country. A hired open jeep picks...

    • 10 Meals You Must Have in Mumbai

      What's most exciting about Mumbai's food is not the 'authentic' fare from other states.

    • Mumbai's Cuisine: Borrowed & Reinvented

      It's now well over a decade since I moved to Mumbai. But I still clearly remember my first glimpse of Mumbai way before that. I was a young, excitable and a curious 20-something design student on the threshold of adult life. The train from Ahmedabad...

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