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    • Cereal Offenders: Why Do Sugar Levels Keep Rising in Our Breakfast Choices?

      Despite the barrage of health warnings on the dangers of sugar, new breakfast products such as drinks and biscuits contain more of the white stuff than ever.

    • Meet the New Health Food - Peanut Butter!

      It has been rebranded as a health food and sales are up 13%. Where do you stand on the crunchy or smooth divide and have you tried it satay-style on toast?

    • Britain's Biggest Breakfast - 59 Items & 8000 Calories!

      A cafe in Portishead has hit the headlines by challenging customers with a 59-item platter.

    • The Egg-White Craze: It's No Yolk

      There is a national egg-white shortage in the US after a rise in demand for yolk-free omelettes, sandwiches and shakes. Do you ditch the tastiest, most nutritious part of the egg?News that health-food obsessives have whipped up a national egg-white shortage...

    • Sriracha shortage: why chilli sauce is hot property - and getting hotter

      The possibility of a global shortage of sriracha sauce horrified chilli lovers everywhere. The UK market for all kinds of hot sauce is booming - do you spice up your savoury dishes?It came as no surprise to me that sriracha junkies in the US were ...

    • Sticky Toffee Pudding in a Jar for kids

      A cute batch of sweet and fun desserts that kids will love to make (and devour)You'll need four 250ml ovenproof jars to make these heavenly little puddings. If you can't find muscovado, you could simply substitute soft brown sugar without it changing...

    • Do You Miss Your Packed Lunch?

      I was horrified to hear that the government is considering banning packed lunches - I still have fond memories of my salmon and pickle sandwiches in a brown paper bag. How about you?As news came over the kitchen radio this morning of the proposed ban...

    • Kids' Restaurant Menus: Does it Have to be Chips With Everything?

      Studies have shown that children who eat the same food as adults are healthier. It's time to wave goodbye to chicken nuggets and pizzas.Nothing is certain but death and taxes. And chicken nuggets on children's menus. For a nation glittering with awards...

    • The Food Apps That Could be Bad for Your Children's Health

      Kids enjoy food-based games - and tablets and smartphones offer a fun, interactive playing experience. But what happens when they are adverts for unhealthy processed food in disguise?A children's gardening and food app recently won the digital equivalent...

    • Edible Deodorants: Not to be Sniffed At?

      The next time a crowded journey on public transport thrusts you too close to a malodorous armpit, take heart. Help will soon be just a boiled sweet away. Deo Perfume Candy, sweets that release a lingering rose scent through the pores of your skin, will...

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