5 Protein-Rich Drinks That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Go for protein-rich warm drinks that will keep you energised throughout the day and will chip away the chills.

Neha Grover  |  Updated: January 21, 2020 17:27 IST

5 Protein-Rich Drinks That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

These protein-rich drinks for winters are warming and energising.

  • Protein-rich warm drinks will keep you energised throughout the day.
  • Avoid too much of caffeinated drinks and have these instead.
  • These protein-rich warm drinks are easy to make at home.

While we are snug and comfy in our bed, wrapped in a blanket; all we want to do is keep sipping on hot tea or coffee. While a cup of steaming tea can lift you up in a jiffy, it's only a momentary pleasure that you get. In no time, lethargy will set back in, and you'll crave for yet another cup of tea. Taking in all that health-abusing caffeine might not be such a good idea. Instead, opt for drinks that will keep you warm and will support your health too. Better still, go for protein-rich warm drinks that will keep you energised throughout the day and will chip away the chills.

5 Protein-Rich And Healthy Hot Beverages For Winters:

1. Clear Chicken Soup

Chicken is one of the most powerful sources of proteins. The best way to consume it on a weight loss diet is by turning it into soup. Clear soup is made by simmering meat in water till its flavours are immersed in the broth. Clear soup does not contain any solid ingredients and is had as a drink. Clear chicken soup is delicious, healthy and super warming.


Clear soup with chicken is a great protein-rich drink. 

2. Rasam

Rasam is a special south Indian drink that is nutrient-dense and satiating. It is peppery and pungent, and soothing at the same time. It is known to provide warmth in abundance; and since it is made with steamed lentils along with tamarind and a whole lot of spices, it helps in re-energising the body.


3. Besan Sheera

We know this is a natural remedy for cold and cough. But let's admit; it also tastes amazing. Besan sheera is a liquid halwa made with protein-rich besan (gram flour) and milk. Its flavour is enhanced by ghee (clarified butter), sugar and some spices. It's a sweet medicine, we don't mind taking during winters.

4. Badam Milk

Almonds plus milk – two power-packed ingredients bundled into one high-protein drink. Almond paste or finely crushed almonds are added to hot milk along with flavourful spices like cardamom (elaichi) and saffron (kesar).


Almonds and milk - both are protein-rich foods. 

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5. Protein-Packed Hot Chocolate

Finally, our favourite winter drink made it to the list, but with a twist. Hot chocolate sends hot flushes down the spine, the moment we take a sip of it. Its heavenly, rich chocolatey flavour pleases our taste buds like no other. Pop in some ground chia seeds, flax seeds and a morsel of lentils, and you get a protein-packed hot chocolate that you can enjoy guilt-free all through the winter.

Enjoy the cosiness of your blanket and the comfort of extra warmth from these yummy protein-rich drinks.


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