Weight Loss: Add These Protein-Rich Snacks To Your Plant-Based Diet

Weight loss: If you are on a plant-based diet, don't worry about your protein intake anymore. Here are some interesting plant-based high protein snack recipes for you.

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Weight Loss: Add These Protein-Rich Snacks To Your Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based foods that are rich in protein

  • nutritionists recommend adding good amount of protein to our diet
  • A plant-based diet has plentiful foods that are rich in proteins
  • Eating foods rich in protein keeps us full for a longer time

We Indian are known for our indulgent food habits. Many of our classic dishes are best served or paired with a little too butter, oil or ghee and mixed with melange of spices. However, the new generation has very innovatively modified a diet that is as Indian as it can be but is also rich in protein and can be a part of any weight loss diet. Protein is an essential nutrient required by our body to function, from hair and skin to muscles, protein plays a pivotal role in the health of a number of main functions of the body. Heath experts and nutritionists recommend adding good amount of protein to our daily diet. This is mainly because the macro-nutrient helps repair muscles after physical activity, and also retains muscle mass as we age. But other than this, protein is also known to keep facilitate weight loss. Eating foods rich in protein keeps us full for a longer time hence we binge less and don't gain extra calories. 

Our protein requirement may differ from one another, meaning a person who works out in a gym must include more protein-rich foods in their daily diet than others who don't. However, everyone must include a minimum amount of protein in their diets. Even though animal protein is considered to be excellent source of dietary protein, plant-based diet also has plentiful foods that are rich in proteins. And since now a lot of people are adapting plant-based diets, it is very important to identify plant-based foods that are not only rich in protein but are also easily available.  Here we have curated a list of plant-based protein-rich snacks that you can add to your weight loss diet.

Weight Loss Diet: Plant-Based Protein-Rich Snacks


Soya is one of plant-based foods that is a good source of protein and can be consumed in a number of forms. Soya is low in fat with zero cholesterol and contains all eight amino acids (proteins). Click on the links below for soya recipes that you can try at home:

1.    Thai Soyabean in Cabbage Cups Recipe
2.    Homemade Chaap Recipe
3.    Soya Uttappams Recipe
4.    Zucchini Stuffed with Soya Recipe
5.    Mini Soya Dosa Recipe

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Weight Loss: Soya is an excellent source of plant-based protein.


Oats are a type of cereal that are commonly consumed as oatmeal or rolled oats. This cereal is considered for its vast nutrition profile and its versatile nature as it can be added into different kinds of dishes. Click on the links below to know interesting oats recipes:

1.    Oats and Almond Biscuits Recipe
2.    Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe
3.    Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies Recipe
4.    Banana Oat Bread Recipe
5.    Low Calorie Oats Idli Recipe


Weight loss: Oats are high protein and fibre-rich superfood.


It's a well-known fact that lentils are an excellent source of dietary protein. They are good for our stomach and aid digestion. Lentils, when consumed, induce satiety and gives a feeling of fullness. Here are some interesting lentil snack recipes that you can make at home:

1.    Lentils, Pumpkins and Cranberry Soup Recipe
2.    Green Lentil Dessert Fudge Recipe
3.    Lentil and Charred Broccoli Chaat Recipe

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Weight Loss: Lentils are good protein sources in vegetarian diet.


Tofu is largely popular among the vegan population and is a good vegan substitute of paneer (cottage cheese). Tofu is not only rich in proteins but also low in calories, which is good for weight loss. Here are a few tofu-based food items that you can prepare at home:

1.    Tofu Bhurji Recipe
2.    Tofu with Spinach in Black Pepper Sauce Recipe
3.    Tofu with Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce Recipe


Weight Loss: Another good source of protein is tofu

Since all of these plant-based protein-rich foods are ideal to be added to any weight loss diet, but do consult your nutritionist or dietitian before doing so.


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