6 Shocking Food Controversies That Are Sure to Kill Your Appetite

Here are 6 infamous food controversies across the globe that created quite a stir. Read on to find out what sparked them.

Smriti Agarwal  |  Updated: May 07, 2017 11:31 IST

6 Shocking Food Controversies That Are Sure to Kill Your Appetite
Home cooked meals are the best, there's no doubt about that. But the truth is we all need a break from ghar ka khana once in a while. We get this urge to go out and indulge in our favorite cuisines at popular restaurants and cafes. We expect the most scrumptious food to be served to us with great presentation on our plate. After all it's also about the experience of dining out, for which we don't mind paying considerable amount of money. But then when our dining experience doesn't go as plan, it is a bummer, ruining our mood and leading to controversies, especially if unwanted elements are found in the food. Food can be deceptive too! Be aware and read further to figure out where we are heading -

1. More Than a Burger

In the year 2016, a Virginia-based man named David Cook was enjoying his burger at the famous food chain McDonald's. Suddenly he bit into something which didn't seem like a burger bite. Astonishingly, he found a 20$ bill in between the two patties. You may call it lucky but he was more happy to not have found creepy-crawlies instead.

mcdonalds burger

2. Jewel of a Dinner

Another case was reported in Issaquah, Washington, where a woman was enjoying a romantic dinner with her husband at a restaurant called Montalcino Ristorante when she bit into something really hard. It turned out to be a rare purple quahog pearl worth 600$. Though it is outrageous for such a thing to be found in food, her night indeed became special.

pearl 620x350

Photo Credit: www.abcnews.go.com

3. What's in Your Bread?


This incident is gross so make sure you are not eating something while reading this article. In February 2016, while cutting a loaf of bread, a woman cut into the severed head of a rat. She got the bread from a local bakery and swore never to visit the same again. It literally put her off food for sometime. We can't blame her!

brown bread

4. 'Bean' There

Troy Walker, an Utahan woman, opened a can of green beans to use in a meal, which she was preparing for her elderly neighbors in February 2016, when she discovered something which looked like a burnt beam until she picked it up and noticed that it had eyes. It was a snake head! She took the can of Western Family green beans back to the market for a refund, and the company stopped distribution and began a thorough investigation.

snake head in beans 620x350

Photo Credit: www.fox13now.com

5. Thumb Rule

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Finding insects or objects in our food is indeed gross. What if you find a human body part? It is horrifying. A woman and her son were enjoying ramen at a restaurant in Shizouka, Japan, when she noticed something floating in her son's soup. It was a human thumb. The story was that an employee had cut off a one centimeter chunk of her thumb while slicing pork and decided not to tell anyone.

salt ramen

6. Bottom of it All

At Wendy's in May 2016, a mom looked into her daughter's drink and spotted something horrific at the bottom. It was a slimy, rusted razor blade. It's suspected that a member of the cleaning crew put the blade into a cup instead of throwing it away. Wendy's offered its sincere apologies but was that enough?

razor in drink 620x350

Photo Credit: AOL.com



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