BIOFACH India: World's Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food Comes to Delhi

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BIOFACH India: World's Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food Comes to Delhi
  • BIOFACH, world's leading trade fair for organic food fair is in Delhi
  • The fair offers an opportunity to learn more about the oraginc market
  • It will be held from 10 to 12 Novermber at NSIC grounds, Okhla

The easiest and probably the simplest way to define organic produce would be this - straight from nature's lap without any artificial/cosmetic meddling. Over the years, the ever-expanding population triggered a need for more agricultural produce that would meet the growing demand effectively. This urgency led to the invention of many chemicals that would be sprayed on crops for a faster and better harvest. Fish and poultry were often injected with antibiotics and hormones for faster maturity and greater yield. And as many things come coupled with their darker counterpart, these potent chemicals began tracing their way to the everyday platter of a common man. As man was exposed to diseases and ailments, a need to go back to the good old past became imminent, significant, and more urgent.

Organic farming

The concept of organic farming is not a new one. It propagates simpler farming techniques that were carried out years ago and brings them into contemporary practice. A crop is cultivated in its purest form, free from any artificial addition or processing. Right from the seed and the soil to the fruit, everything that goes into getting produce to its prospective customer is natural, free from chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. Fish and poultry are reared in their natural habitat, fed with food sans any chemicals. Organic products may be slightly heavier on the pocket but in the end it is worth spending the extra penny to safeguard your health. They are enriched with more micronutrients and essential nutrients, taste better and feel fresher. Organic farming incorporates some of the traditional methods - like crop rotation - which are excellent for soil fertility and for the environment. Since the mode of farming is direct and mitigates all possible artificial intervention, the farmer community benefits the most out of it. It also reduces the toxic load on the environment present in the form of air, water and soil pollution.

Organic in India

The market for organic produce is growing by the day and so is the number of enthusiasts venturing into the business. When the Sikkim government announced the state to go all organic, the move propelled many more to join the league. According to a PTI report released last year, the organic food market in the country is growing at an exponential rate ranging between 25-30%. According to the ASSOCHAM study, the domestic organic food market - which stood at $0.36 billion in the year 2014 - would hit $1.36 billion in the next four years.

The only hurdle in the way of the ever-growing Indian organic market is the lack of awareness. Earlier this year, the secretary general of ASSOCHAM noted, "There is lack of government support, the courage (needed) to convert inorganic land into organic land, and absence of globally recognised consultancy for timely guidance to farmers. Thus, huge support from states and the Centre is required."

BIOFACH - World's leading trade fair for organic food

This is when BIOFACH enters the picture. BIOFACH's Exhibition Centre located in Nuremberg, Germany is a place which has been providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to share their ideas, views and innovations in the field of organic food for over two decades. BIOFACH INDIA together with INDIA ORGANIC, organised by NuernbergMesse India and the International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA), is all set to hold an exhibition at the NSIC Exhibition Grounds in Okhla, Delhi, this week. The three day long exhibition aims to educate the attendees about the world of Indian organic market and will exhibit a wide range of finest products from vendors from all across the country.

"It is a niche and exclusive International trade show on organic products in India that have a strict certification criterion, thereby ensuring the quality of the products on display. International buyers from USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia will be attending the show, to specifically extend their network and develop new procurement sources."

You can also expect informative workshops and seminars conducted by certified experts, National and International speakers on contemporary organic practices, trends and the various bottlenecks faced by the industry. The Organic Food, Organic Textile sector, various certification bodies, Natural Care and Wellness sector as well as the Tea and the Coffee board of India will also have active participation in the event.

BIOFACH World holds similar events in America, South America, Japan and China with over 3,000 exhibitors and 100,000 trade visitors every year. To get a complete view on the world of organic, this is the perfect opportunity for you. The eighth edition of BIOFACH India will be a perfect coming together of curious customers, humble farmers, innovative retailers and enthusiastic experts. We'll be there, and certainly hope to see you too.

Where: NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla. Nearest Metro Stations - Kalkaji and Govind Puri

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When: 10 - 12 November 2016

Time: 10 am to 6pm


Entry: Free to all

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