Bottoms Up: This South Korean Ice-Cream Promises To Cure The Toughest Hangovers!

NDTV Food  |  Updated: May 13, 2019 17:24 IST

Bottoms Up: This South Korean Ice-Cream Promises To Cure The Toughest Hangovers!

Korean ice-cream Gyeondyo-bar claims to relieve you of your hangovers (representational image)

  • Hangovers can be very difficult to deal with on a working day
  • Gyeondyo-bar is a grapefruit-flavoured ice-cream that may help
  • The ice-cream was introduced by 'Withme FS' convenience store chain

Everyone enjoys a fun drinking night with friends every once in a while. It can be a pretty relaxing affair for those who do it occasionally. However, even the occasional drinking session can turn into quite an affair and you may have often found yourself ending up overindulging in alcohol. The resulting hangover can be difficult to deal with, especially if you have to turn up at work or have a busy school day the next day. There are a number of popular cures that most people know about, but most of them take hours to take effect and aren't as much fun as, say, an ice-cream that will please your taste buds while also helping you recover from a hung over state. What if we told you that this ice-cream actually exists?

Gyeondyo-bar is a grapefruit-flavoured ice-cream candy bar that claims to hold the key to relieving you of the most pesky hangover symptoms. But there's a catch - you'll have to travel to South Korea to get your hands on this miraculous sweet treat. The ice-cream bar promises to help you "hang in there" (Gyeondyo in Korean means 'hang in there') and help you treat even the worst hangover you might have managed to get yourself in.

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Here's what the hangover curing Gyeondyo-bar looks like:

The ice-cream bar was reportedly introduced in the market by the Korean convenience store chain 'Withme FS' and it was made to help employed people cope with the stresses of a working day, right after a night of binge-drinking. So, how does the ice-cream work in curing hangover? These special abilities of the dessert are credited to the presence of a small amount of oriental raisin tree fruit juice, which is the main active ingredient in the ice-cream bar.

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The raisin fruit juice has been considered an effective hangover cure by Koreans since the 1600s and its effects have been backed up by a 2012 study on the effects of the raisin tree extract on intoxicated mice. The ice-cream was created due to increasing demand for effective hangover cures in South Korea - a country that has notoriously high numbers of binge-drinkers. Well, all we can do is hope that this ice-cream makes its way into the Indian market soon.


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