7 Best Hangover Foods for the Morning After

Smriti Agarwal  |  Updated: April 29, 2017 11:31 IST

7 Best Hangover Foods for the Morning After
  • Eat asparagus before you go out or while drinking.
  • Honey can help flushing out the remaining alcohol in your stomach
  • Eating a banana can restore your potassium levels and give energy
The worst part of drinking is the morning after. The hangover makes us nauseous and gives most of us a spinning headache. The day after a fun night gets almost wasted as we try to overcome the dizziness that comes with the dreadful hangover. Well, you have help at hand as we have discovered some foods which can deak wi the hangover and back to the normal routine. The most common symptoms of a hangover are headaches, achy muscles, diarrhea and decreased motor skills. To overcome or avoid these try having the following food items:

1. Asparagus

To prevent or ease the effects of a hangover it is best to eat asparagus before you go out or while drinking. The extracts from the shoots of the asparagus help in boosting the levels of important enzymes that break down the alcohol after heavy drinking. 

2. Bananas

This is the best hangover food, no seriously! After a night of drinking you tend to feel physically weak. It happens as the muscles pay for the heavy dose of alcohol and work extra to break it down. In order to regain the balance in your body reach out for bananas which will help in restoring the potassium levels in your body and improve muscle function.

3. HoneyHoney is loaded with antioxidants and concentrated fructose which helps in flushing out the remaining alcohol in your stomach. If you can’t eat raw honey, have it with some bread.

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4. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice gives natural vitamins and minerals to your body. It hydrates you just like honey and the content of fructose helps in flushing out the alcohol from the body. 
tomato juice

5. Toast

A piece of bread or toast always helps in getting you back on your feet. You liver normally produces more glucose when your blood sugar dips but when you consume alcohol your liver is busy metabolizing the alcohol and can’t always regulate the blood sugar which leaves you drained of energy. Bread can give you the necessary carbs and help you pull through.
6. Clear liquids

In order to prevent a horrible hangover keep yourself hydrated not just the day after but before you set out drinking. Also, consuming water while drinking helps in diluting alcohol. Next morning, reach for a clear soup or broth to help replace the salt and potassium lost while drinking alcohol. 

7. Ginger

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The spice acts as a natural remedy for morning sickness and upset stomach which can also be symptoms of a hangover. The best way to consume it is with warm water and honey. You can also brew some ginger tea and sip slowly. 

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