Chicken Recipes: Add Malai To These Chicken Dishes And See Its Magic Work

Neha Grover  |  Updated: June 12, 2019 16:32 IST

Chicken Recipes: Add Malai To These Chicken Dishes And See Its Magic Work

Chicken Recipes: Cream And Chicken

  • Malai is cream of full-fat milk, which has a soft, lush texture
  • Malai is added to many dishes to make them creamier and richer
  • Chicken and malai together make for a delectable combination

Any dish that is rich and creamy sits better on the palate than non-creamy dishes. Cream levels up the taste quotient of any dish it is added to. Store-brought cream is commonly used to make a whole range of savoury and sweet dishes but many Indian households prefer to make their cream at home, which they call as 'malai'. Malai is actually the cream of full-fat milk. It is created by boiling whole milk and later letting it cool down. Once it is cool, a pale yellow layer of fat accumulates at the top of it, which is spooned off and collected in a separate container. Malai is soft, gooey and luscious in texture because most of its content is fat. It is usually added to dishes like paneer makhni, malai kofta and desserts like rasmalai and malai kulfi.

Another food that can be enhanced and made tastier with the help of malai is chicken. Chicken is a dry, chewy food that relies on other ingredients for some richness. Chicken and malai make for a perfect pairing and any dish made with this combination is sure to taste great.

Here are some exciting ideas for meals prepared with chicken and malai:

1. Chicken Malai Makhni

This dish brings together a burst of creaminess and the flavours of Indian spices to make a mind-blowing dish. Soft chicken kebabs are doused in a tomato puree and enriched with butter and cream!

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malvani chicken curry

Chicken Recipe: Chicken Malai Makhni

2. Murgh Methi Malai

The unique teaming of yogurt and malai to make a smooth, sour curry hits the right note in every bite. The chewy chicken chunks inside the gravy add to the experience of relishing a hearty meal.

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methi murgh

Chicken Recipe: Murgh Methi Malai

3. Methi Malai Cranberry Chicken

Methi and malai combined with chicken is common, but cranberry can add something unique to the mix. Expanding your culinary horizon is all about trying something new. Make this chicken dish with fresh cranberry puree and you'll want to make it again and again.

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chicken breast with cranberry

Chicken Recipe: Chicken breast with cranberry

4. Malai Murg

This one is a relatively dry dish as it does not have a juicy curry. Tender chicken pieces are immersed in thick gravy of milk and, of course, cream. Serve malai murg with naan or roti and enjoy a perfect chicken meal. 

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murgh malai 625

Chicken Recipe: Malai Murgh

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Home-made malai is certainly better than packaged cream that you get at the grocery stores. It is free from preservatives and creamier, as it is made from freshly boiled full fat milk. You can store malai in the freezer for days to save it from going bad. Fresh malai definitely tastes better than artificial cream and can give an edge to your chicken dish.


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