Croiffle: This New York Cafe Sells A Croissant And Waffle Hybrid And We're Already Drooling!

NDTV Food  |  Updated: February 13, 2019 15:20 IST

Croiffle: This New York Cafe Sells A Croissant And Waffle Hybrid And We're Already Drooling!
  • Croiffles just debuted in Manhattan, New York
  • The dish is a cross between croissant and waffles
  • Godiva's cafe in Penn Station is serving them in sweet and savoury forms

It's the era of the mashup food trends. From reimaging the most classic dishes in a pretty and glittery rainbow avatars to mixing up two completely different foods (crossushi, anyone?), fusion foods have taken off and how! A lot of chefs are experimenting with foods to bring up some mashup or the other, which takes off - all thanks to the photo-sharing website Instagram, which gets a whiff of food trends faster than any other site. Instagram users have a very generous palate and get on-board with the most bizarre food trends. The most recent mashup food that is going to pique your interest is 'croiffle'- a hybrid of croissant and waffles. We don't know about you, but this already sounds delicious to us!

The buttery, flaky, Austrian croissant came together with the crunchy Belgian waffle to create this mashup trendy dish - croiffle - that is the brainchild of Godiva. The premium chocolate brand has a cafe in New York's Penn Station and croiffle has recently debuted on their menu. The way they make it is that they take a perfectly flaky croissant, ask you to tell them your choice of stuffing for the croissant and then stick it in a waffle iron, to let it do its job. The stuffing ranges from a variety of chocolates and cheeses to ham and bacon, which are placed in between the sliced croissant, before it goes into the waffle iron. How can you not like it, aren't we right?


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For those who have a sweet tooth, the dark chocolate and milk chocolate croiffles are available for $5.95 apiece (INR 420 approx.). On the other hand, if you like your croiffles savoury, you have four different options: Ham & Swiss Croiffle, Three Cheese Croiffle, Sausage, Egg and Gruyere Croiffle and finally Bacon, Egg and Gouda Cheese Croiffle. Other attractions at the cafe include the Godiva Mocha and Oatmeal with dark chocolate and almond slivers.

We're silently praying for Godiva to open up a cafe in India soon, so that we can have the satisfaction of sinking out teeth in these crunchy, gooey beauties for ourselves!


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