Dangal Girl Sanya Malhotra's Favorite Winter Drink Should Be Yours Too!

Dangal girl Sanya Malhotra shared a picture of the lovely deep red winter drink Kanji. Have you experienced its unique taste yet?

NDTV Food  |  Updated: February 17, 2018 18:02 IST

Dangal Girl Sanya Malhotra's Favorite Winter Drink Should Be Yours Too!
  • Saya Malhotra shared a picture of fermented carrot drink kanji.
  • Kanji is a popular winter drink in North India.
  • The drink has a unique tangy taste and is extremely healthy.
Bollywood actor Sanya Malhotra became a household name, thanks to the stupendous success of her debut film Dangal. The actor is now all set to star opposite Ayushmann Khurrana in their upcoming movie Badhaai Ho and the duo are busy with the shooting and promotions nowadays. Sanya is also quite the fitness freak as is evident from her amazing physique. The beauty is very active on social media and her Instagram page has over 4 lakh followers. Sanya often shares pictures from her travels and fod explorations, and from the looks of it, she loves coffee a lot.

Recently she posted a picture of a drink that caught our attention. Sanya shared a snapshot of a gloass full of lovely red kanji- a drink that has been prepared in North Indian households during winters for ages now. "Favourite", was the caption of the picture. Have a look!


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Being a Delhi girl, Sanya is perhaps well aware of the healthful fermented drink made from purple carrots or as they're called in Hindi Kaali Gajar. Sometimes even beetroots are added to the drink, and it's these vegetables that give the drink the enticing deep purplish red hue that's part of the reason why this drink has so many fans. The other reason why this drink is so popular is because of its numerous health benefits. Kanji is probiotic in nature because of the healthy bacteria present in it. This property makes it extremely healthy for the gut and digestive health. (Also Read: Panjiri: A Warming Winter Favourite Like No Other)

It also helps prevent systemic allergies, which tend to trouble people during this season. Preparing a kanji is also extremely easy, but a time consuming affair. It's a drink that involves a little labour and some love. In Punjabi households, it's usually prepared in huge glass containers called barnis. The vegetables and spices and seasonings are all left to sit in water for three to four days in the Sun, and once the fermentation process is over, it's filtered out to collect the deep red liquid. The drink is usually stored in glass containers in cool, dark places. Have you experienced the unique tangy taste of kanji yet?

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