'Everybody Cooks Curry The Wrong Way': Exclusive Interaction With British Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: June 06, 2019 17:29 IST

'Everybody Cooks Curry The Wrong Way': Exclusive Interaction With British Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White

Chef Marco Pierre White was in India last weekend for 'World on a Plate' 2019

British chef Marco Pierre White, whom you might recognise from his appearances on Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef Australia, is also known as the 'bad boy' of cooking. The culinary maestro famously returned his Michelin stars, after becoming the youngest chef to win three of them at the age off 33. Chef White visited India for the very first time in January 2019. The celebrity chef joined a number of other well-known chefs and restaurateurs for two days of cooking masterclasses and discussions around food and hospitality, during the fourth season of World On A Plate in Mumbai.

Chef White was in Bengaluru on June 1st and 2nd for second leg of World On A Plate 2019, where he curated a thematic fine-dine dinner and brunch paired with India's best wines and cocktails, and also hosted two exclusive masterclasses, alongside the biggest and best culinary talent from across cultural borders. Chef White answered a rapid fire round of questions in this e-mail interaction with us:

Question: How did you discover your passion for food?

Chef Marco Pierre White: Actually my father wanted me to become a chef. My brothers and I were expected to naturally become chefs as our father was one. But I do remember my mother cooking simple pasta and a whiff of the aroma while it was being cooked used to make me very happy.

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Q: What was the first meal you ever cooked as a professional Chef?

Chef White: I think it was porridge or a prawn cocktail. I can't remember too clearly but I don't think either of them was very good.

Q: What's your favourite global cuisine and why?

Chef White: I have had some excellent Asian food and I especially enjoy the Singaporean style of braised cooking.

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Q: Do you like Indian food? What is it about the Indian cuisine that you like/dislike?

Chef White: I love the simplicity of Indian food. There is rich heritage and history behind the food in India. Also I really like the variety and the use of spices I've encountered in Indian food.

Q: What are your favourite eating spots around London (besides your own restaurants)?

Chef White: I don't go to London at all. Leaving my home and travelling all the way to the city is very tiresome.

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71qgs4m8Chef Marco Pierre White in Bengaluru for second leg of World on a Plate 2019

Q: What does a day in the life of Chef Marco Pierre White look like?

Chef White: I like spending a lot of time at home and I make sure I get up very early every day. I like listening to classical music and I really enjoy playing Solitaire. I actually crave an ordinary, simple day.

Q: What is your favourite meal of the day?

Chef White: I really enjoy eating lunch and I usually prefer only one meal a day.

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Q: What are your go-to comfort meals?

Chef White: My go to comfort meal would be an omelet or an egg sandwich- something simple.

Q: What's the one classic English dish that you believe everyone has been cooking the wrong way?

Chef White: It is not an English dish but everybody cooks a curry the wrong way. They should learn from the Indian style of cooking about how a curry is made and is a balance of flavor and spices.

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Q: If you weren't a Chef, what profession would you have pursued?

Chef White: I would have ended up working in the nature, maybe become a river keeper.

Q: What has your experience been like at 'World On A Plate' in India?

Chef White: It's been an enriching experience, getting to taste the food cooked by these talented chefs at World On A Plate.

World on a Plate is a culinary festival that provides a platform for Indian chefs to showcase their skills through restaurant pop-ups. Renowned chefs from around the world also conduct master classes during the event and hold exclusive dinners for attendees.


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