From Bread Pizza Pakora to Popcorn Ice-Cream: 10 Unusual Avatars of Your Favourite Dishes

Sarika Rana  |  Updated: November 28, 2017 14:07 IST

From Bread Pizza Pakora to Popcorn Ice-Cream: 10 Unusual Avatars of Your Favourite Dishes
  • The combination of kheer and apple with dry fruits is a perfect choice
  • Ice-cream plus chili makes a wonderful spice-cream
  • Move over and switch to popcorn ice cream
Have you ever tried a Chicken Tikka Pizza? The combination sounds strange but it can be delicious. The best part about Indian food is that we can mix and match anything to experiment and create a new treat. If we weren't open to the idea of fusion, some of the best dishes in the world would never have existed. We've come up with a list of some unusual avatars of your favourite dishes that someone, somewhere imagined and all of us have loved them. 

1. Apple ki Kheer

Who would have thought  that this unusual avatar of apples, milk and rice would could replace our favourite traditional treat? Using apples in kheer along with dry fruits makes for the perfect summery dessert. 

2. Noodle SamosaThis unique dish brings the best of China and India together. Our favourite tea-time snack stuffed with delicious noodles. Now, whoever thought of this combination is simply a genius because we love it. 

3. Pani Puri Vodka

These desi vodka shots served in golgappas are a rage. You will find them at many bars and cocktail parties. Your regular pani-puri goes boozy and we're totally tripping on it. 

4. Chilli Ice Cream

Sweet plus chilli is an addictive combination. You may have heard of chilli chocolate, chilli ice cream is the new treat for summers. 

5. Bread Pizza Pakoda

This one is for the people who love bread, pizzas and pakodas. Bread pizza pakoda is a brilliant fusion of all the three. Put pizza toppings on the bread and cover it with gram flour (besan) batter, deep fry on a low flame and enjoy this crisp delight at home. 


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6. Popcorn Ice Cream

Why restrict popcorn only to the movie theaters when you can crush some over your ice cream as a crispy topping?


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7. Moburg

Confused? Moburg is a delicious fusion of momos and a burger. Burgers have always been brought into experimentation with different fillings between the buns. This time, skip the cutlets and try a couple of your favorite momos instead and we can tell you wouldn't regret it.


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8. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

This is one of the best east meets west desserts. The Greek cheesecake gets a desi makeover with baby gulab jamuns stuffed in every layer.

9. Rajma Pakoda

For many of us, Rajma-Chawal is synonyms with Sunday. Now, if you have any leftovers turn them into crispy pakodas. Blend rajma with onions, green chilies, tomatoes and spices with some lime juice and combine the mixture with rice flour. Deep fry the small portions of the mixture and have it with your favorite chutney. Just got another reason to love rajma!


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10. Butter Chicken Samosa-

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This is every foodie's dream come true. Samosa reveal a delicious surprise - not the regular potato filling but the delicious butter chicken. You get the best of both worlds. 


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Let us know if you have ever come across any strange combination that you simply fell in love with. 


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