Healthy Diet: How To Make Delicious Poha Gur Ladoo At Home (Watch Recipe Video)

It is a traditional Indian sweet which is healthy, easy to prepare, and tastes delicious, with the rich and rustic flavours of jaggery and melted ghee.

Shubham Bhatnagar  |  Updated: October 07, 2019 11:51 IST

Healthy Diet: How To Make Delicious Poha Gur Ladoo At Home (Watch Recipe Video)

Poha Ladoo Recipe Video

  • Jaggery is one of the most common natural sweeteners out there
  • Poha is rich in fibre, promotes slow release of sugar into blood stream
  • Dry fruits and ghee double up the healthy quotient of this dessert

The season of festivities has just begun - a quick look around your neighbourhood is enough to tell us that. All sweet meat shops are decked up with exotic range of mithais, chocolates and sweet treats. In short, refined sugar is everywhere! Refined sugar is linked with n number of dangerous health conditions; from weight gain to increased risk of heart diseases, high blood sugar and even diabetes. Over consumption of refined sugar may also lead to faster skin ageing as well as frequent acne and breakouts. Hence, health experts have been warning against consumption of too much sugar and have been urging us to look for healthier options like natural sweeteners. Jaggery is one of the most common natural sweeteners out there. So why not make a healthy dessert for healthy diet at home, made using jaggery and other heathy ingredients like poha and dry fruits - Poha Gur Ladoo! The recipe has all the healthy ingredients, which make this delicious dessert a healthy dessert too. 

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Healthy Diet: Jaggery is one of the most common natural sweeteners out there.

The naturally sweet taste of jaggery (gur) is what makes it a perfect alternative for refined sugar. Jaggery is an unrefined sugar, which is obtained from raw, concentrated sugarcane juice. Although gur can be made from other sources, namely from date palm (nolen gur) and the sap of coconut, the one made from sugarcane juice is the most commonly used. It is prepared by boiling sugar cane juice till it solidifies and then put into blocks. What makes jaggery extremely good as natural alternatives for refined sugar in desserts and sweet dishes is the fact that it is brimming with various health benefits like preventing constipation, facilitating weight loss, detoxing liver, boosting immunity et al.

On the other hand, poha (flattened rice) is another healthy food that is known to have numerous health benefits as well. A perfect meal for diabetics, poha is rich in fibre and promotes slow release of sugar into blood streams, preventing sudden spikes in blood stream. It is also considered as a good probiotic food. How, you ask? The finished product (poha) undergoes fermentation process and hence retains the microbial flora from the partially digested carbs and proteins, which is healthy for the gut. 

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If you are still not convinced, then the addition of dry fruits and ghee (clarified butter) double up the healthy quotient of this delicious dessert. We know, our moms would definitely agree to this! So, before further ado, here's a step-by-step recipe video of this delicious dessert so that you don't miss out on anything. Keep your pen and notepad handy! Bon Apetit!

Watch: How To Make Poha Gur Ladoo At Home For This Festive Season


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