High-Protein: How To Make A Wholesome And Yummy Paneer Chaat In 5 Minutes

Paneer is one of the most popular dairy items in India. Here's how you can make a scrumptious and wholesome chaat from it in 5 minutes!

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: October 15, 2020 12:38 IST

High-Protein: How To Make A Wholesome And Yummy Paneer Chaat In 5 Minutes

Paneer is a versatile ingredient which can be used in lunch, dinner and a variety of snacks.

  • Paneer is a versatile food that you can use across culinary experiments
  • Paneer can be made into yummy and wholesome snacks
  • Here is a paneer chaat recipe you can prepare in 5 minutes

Does snacking needs to be always greasy and fried for it to be yummy? No! Can we have a balance of healthy and tasty in our snacks? Yes! While it isn't easy combining taste and health together in a meal but if we simply check our pantry, we'll realise how we can make some of the most delicious snacks with a few simple ingredients. Paneer (cottage cheese), for instance, is one such food that is protein-rich and we often end up having for quick lunch, dinner and even snacks. Thanks to its sheer versatility, paneer is one thing we can never get bored of, perhaps that is why it is one of India's most popular dairy items!

And when we need something to quickly satiate our hunger pangs, paneer would never let you down. Besides its versatility paneer is known to have a rich nutritional profile. It is an incredible source of dietary protein, which helps build muscle and aid weight loss. It is also rich in calcium and phosphorus. While there are countless rich gravies and stuffed parathas that one can enjoy, paneer works equally well for delectable snacks! And no, the list does not end with paneer pakodas.

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Paneer can be made into many different snacks.

5-Minute Paneer Chaat Recipe:

Here we have a wonderful paneer chaat recipe, which is the perfect balance of flavours and nutrition and can be prepared in just 5 minutes! All you need is some cubed or sliced paneer, onion, coriander leaves and a host of spices and lemon juice to toss together and create a burst of tantalising flavours that you wouldn't be able to get over.

Find the full recipe of paneer chaat below-


- Paneer cubes- 10-15

- Onion (small, chopped)- 1

- Tomato (small, chopped)- 1

- Coriander leaves (chopped)- 1/2 tbsp.

- Lemon (juiced)- 1 tbsp

- Salt- 1 tsp

- Black pepper- 1 tsp

- Chaat masala- 1 tsp


1. Take paneer, tomato and onion in a bowl, mix well.

2. Add lemon juice along with salt, black pepper and chaat masala. Mix well with a spoon.

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3. Sprinkle coriander leaves on top and mix again. Serve.

This simple 5-min paneer chaat is not just wholesome and full of protein but also a tangy affair that your taste buds wouldn't resist! Try it at home and share your experience in the comments section below.


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