Is Drinking Sparkling Water Good Or Bad For Health?

Sparkling water may not be as bad as it is assumed to be. Here's why.

Neha Grover  |  Updated: July 27, 2019 18:19 IST

Is Drinking Sparkling Water Good Or Bad For Health?

Sparking water for hydration

  • Sparking water is carbonated, bubbly water
  • It is a hydrating beverage and is also satiating
  • Sparking water provides some health benefits too

We cannot function without water. Water is unarguably the most important part of our diet. We need it every day and multiple times in a day. However, having the same plain water to quench our thirst may get boring at times. There's an alternative in soda water but it is not really good for health. A better substitute could be sparkling water. The bubbly water is created naturally through mineralised still water or naturally-occurring gases and enhanced with carbonic acid, made by combining carbon gas and water. Sparkling water is also bland in taste like regular water but its fizzy nature and acidic content brings in a whole new experience of drinking water.

Sparkling water is acidic in nature, therefore considered bad for teeth and bone health. Also, too much acid can spell danger for overall bodily health. So, should you drink or not drink sparkling water?

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sparkling water

Sparkling water is as hydrating as regular water


Benefits Of Consuming Sparkling Water

To be fair, the carbon acid is in low quantity in sparkling water, especially if you compare it with soda water or soft drinks. It may harm tooth enamel in some way but is not that harmful as it is assumed to be.

Sparkling water is more satiating than regular water and keeps the stomach full for a long time. This prevents binge eating and can help in weight loss.

The carbonation element in sparkling water can ease intestinal flux and provide relief from constipation. 

Sparkling water can also keep you hydrated for most of its content is water. 

Drinking sparkling water helps you stay away from other harmful beverages with artificial additives, if you crave for a break from plain water. 

Sparkling water can also be used to create delicious meals, snacks and desserts. It lends its fuzziness to the foods, making them a unique, interesting eat. 

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So, Is It Safe To Consume Sparkling Water?

This topic remains debatable till date. Even though, sparkling water does some good for your health, it can never replace plain water entirely. It is a good alternative to other soda drinks but still can't take place of regular water that carries way too many benefits for us. 

An ideal situation would be to consume sparkling water in moderation, only at times when craving for drinking something different strikes hard. It is also important to note here that sparkling water should not be guzzled fast. Since, it is weightier than regular water, it is always better to slowly sip on it just like you drink your wine. 


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