Looking For Good Post Workout Snacks? Here Are 5 Foods You Must Avoid

We mobilise our fat during workout, hence it is pointless to lose all our effort by binging on fattening foods right after.

Sushmita Sengupta  |  Updated: September 17, 2017 23:48 IST

Looking For Good Post Workout Snacks? Here Are 5 Foods You Must Avoid
Just back after a rigorous workout routine and can’t wait to dig into some food and put those voracious hunger pangs to rest? Well, think again. Digging into high sodium, high carbohydrate and sugary foods may seem like the reward you absolutely deserve after the strenuous workout, but it may hamper your weight loss aspirations. We wish weight loss and fitness had a way of working like that, but sadly that is not the case. However, that doesn’t mean that you refrain from post workout snacking altogether. Bangalore-based nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood stresses the importance of ‘recovery food’ soon after the workout. 

Your body tends to lose out on a lot of energy after a strenuous workout, which it needs make up. She further stresses on having a protein-rich meal within half an hour of the workout and avoiding carbs if one wants to tone up.  

Dr. Anju says, “You mobilise your fat during workout, hence it is pointless to lose all your effort by binging on fattening foods right after. Simple carbs and fats are a strict no-no after a workout. Load up on protiens. One can also have a peanut butter sandwich or a glass of soy milk, cubes of paneer, a portion of sprouts or Besan Chila, which are great sources of protein. Avoid sweets and packaged juices having high concentrated sugar content.” According to Dr. Gargi, avocados make for a great post workout treat as they provide Vitamin B, which aids in metabolising all healthy carbohydrates and proteins. 
Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner Shilpa Arora also agrees, “Avoid high carbohydrate items, and instead have more proteins for recovery and muscle loss."

She also lists down five foods that one should steer clear of after a good session of training:

1.Aerated Drinks

 Aerated drinks contain carbonation. Some evidence also show presence of  caffeine in many carbonated drinks. 
aerated drink 620x350
Drinking carbonated drinks causes bloating. 

2.Iced Teas

The concentrated sugar content in iced tea can possibly undo most of your efforts on the treadmill and other functional training.
iced tea 620When excess sugar finds no place in stomach, it accumulates as fat.


Packed with refined carbohydrates and calories, you won't want to pile on these right after your strenuous workout. Hence it is better to avoid them.
croissants 620

4. Cakes and Muffins

Loaded with fattening cream, sugary frosting  and carbohydrates, binging on cakes right after your workout is a strict-no-no, according to Shilpa.
These treats contain simple carbs, which are just sugars (unlike complex carbs, which comprise starch and fibers). While some of these occur naturally in milk, most of our simple carb intake is from processed foods and drinks like carbonated beverages, cookies, cakes and packaged juices. 
muffin 620x350
Avoid muffins if you want to shed those extra kilos.

5. Cookies

CommentsJust as cakes, cookies too are loaded with bad carbohydrates and sugars. The excess sugar spike in the body may lead to fat accumulation, hence it is recommended to avoid cookies post workout.
cookies 620x350Cookies contain sugar which should be avoided post workout.

Avoid binging on these foods post workout if you wish to see best effects. Snacks rich in protein are always a better bet post workout.

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