The Good Place Actor Jameela Jamil Wants You To Know About These Scary Side Effects Of Slimming Teas

Sakshita Khosla  |  Updated: November 28, 2018 15:04 IST

The Good Place Actor Jameela Jamil Wants You To Know About These Scary Side Effects Of Slimming Teas
  • Jameela Jamil has been going after celebs who promote slimming teas
  • Jamil pointed out the dangers of trusting 'miracle weight loss cures'
  • Jamil also narrated her own experience with slimming teas and products

Hollywood actor Jameela Jamil, who is known for her role in the English series 'The Good Place', has a message for all the celebrities who promote 'miracle cures' and fat burning or sliming teas and other products. Jamil, who is also a British television presenter, radio presenter and model, has been taking a firm stand against celebrities and social media influencers who promote brands which sell slimming products. She took to Twitter to voice her disapproval of such brands and celebrities who promote them, urging her fans and followers to 'unfollow' celebrities who promote weight loss miracle cures. She even posted screenshots of social media posts by celebrities like reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, singer and rapper Cardi B and singer Iggy Azalea, to drive the point home. All three celebrities have been promoting various slimming products through their social media pages, and soon Jamil's followers started posting their own experiences with these slimming products.

Jameela Jamil posted a whole statement against slimming laxative teas stressing on the fact that they are unhealthy and unsafe for consumption. She said that these products only 'give you diarrhea, which makes your tummy flat for a day.' She further added by saying, 'Please unfollow celebrities who try to push this nonsense on you. It's not safe. It's not FDA approved. No doctors advise you to use this stuff.' She further gave us advice on how to actually lose weight in a healthy way: 'If you want to "curb your appetite" eat some damn green vegetables or have some nutritious natural vegetable soup. Don't drink these "detox" teas. You need fiber!' Jamil said that if someone wants to get slimmer, they should 'talk to a trainer/doctor', instead of taking diet advice from 'from women who know nothing about nutrition/basic advertising ethics.'


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Soon people were sharing their own experiences with slimming teas on Twitter. On user shared her experience of trying a 'fad diet': 'I unfortunately was persuaded by family to go on the shake diet during my knee surgery and when I stopped I didnt eat for a whole week as I was so constipated. Never touching any of this 'weight loss' shit again!' Another user pointed out the harmful effects of detox teas: 'As a GP I've dealt with side effects of detox teas such as tachycardia, restlessness, decompensation of thyroid pathology, etc. Luckily those patients asked for help on time.' Jameela also opened up about her own struggles with weight and how her brush with weight loss and slimming products, left her feeling 'sick' and gave her 'digestion and metabolism problems for life.'Jamila Jameel has also targeted celebrity brand endorsements of skin whitening creams. She is an eminent feminist voice, who actively promotes self-love and routinely calls out body shaming trends and fads, through her social media pages.

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